My Life Being Renewed: Bring on 2016!!

Bring on 2016!!

November 23, 2015

This weekend was another busy one! The hubby and I are doing a 6-week challenge to see what we can accomplish before 2015 is over!

 This week I:
>> Did some cleaning- pantry, fridge, closet, laundry, dishes, mopped wood floors
>> Re-arranged Entertainment Center
>> Kiltzed remaining rafters- now I have to go back & paint them
>> Hubby put up my two new office pictures
>> Had a Blog Makeover! Still need to do a photo shoot for the Header
>> Ordered custom leather luggage tags via Etsy
>> Sold iPhone 5
>> Set up & had 1st Skype (for the record- I still hate being on video!)
>> Set up my Newsletter, Designed Newsletter Header & sent out first newsletter! Also created Signup-forms for Facebook, Sign-up button for website
>> Wrote blog post for The Dream Virtual Assistant

Look-back on 2015:

>> Housework- installed Wood-flooring, shelving & extra racks in walk in closet, finished Hard-board exterior siding, Painted all interior doors, stained underneath deck, kiltzed about 100 rafters on second story, Painted 2 1/2 sides of house, 
>> De-cluttered & donated 2 truckloads to charity
>> Joined in January & it changed my life!
>> Hubby bought me a Vita-mix for my Birthday!!
>> Celebrated 16 year Wedding Anniversary with my amazing husband! 
>> Finally updated Estate Planning
>> Stood up for myself & stopped caring about approval from other people & stopped listening to people's negativity about my dreams & goals (I wrote about it here)
>> Mended relationships with my family
>> I ended up getting sick, lost 20 lbs. & reached my goal weight
>> Bought furniture for entire house including chair, love-seat, office desk, bed, dining table + chairs, dresser, wine-rack, Patio furniture and grill, new mattress & new pillows, dinnerware, coffeepot- pretty much everything!!
>> Purchased a new riding lawnmower
>> Visited new stores- IKEA, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Crate & Barrell
>> Hubby pulled groin, hurt ankle & got food poisoning which put us behind on housework & I reverted back to being a Nurse (see post I wrote here)
>> Re-opened my Fig & Peach Etsy Store and then decided to close it- have my hands full withmy new business.
>> Renewed my Passport but ended up with a terrible photo!
>> Traveled to Puerto Rico, Turks & Caicos, Bahamas (beach-front couples massage), Savannah, Destin, Amelia Island
>> Tagged along with the hubby to Savannah for his school/exams & had fun eating, shopping my way through Savannah!
>> Dined at lots of great new Restaurants!
>> Went on first Carnival Cruise- worst cruise ever, but we made the best of it (definitely sticking to Celebrity & Royal Caribbean next time!)
>> Took a photo with a two Iguanas on me- that was a first!!
>> Visited Conch Graveyard & found some amazing huge conch shells for my souvenir travel collection
>> Made decision to put in notice to leave 8-5 stressful job & go after my dreams finally!!
>> Started my online business The Dream Virtual Assistant & worked with over 10 clients all in 6 weeks! 
>> Read lots of great books! Big Magic, 4-hour Workweek, Nice Girls Can Finish Last, The Woman I wanted to Be, Girl-boss & more!
>> Joined new Boss Facebook Groups-have met so many encouraging, supportive business women!
>> Listened to some inspiring podcasts!
>> Set up CRM, Accounting, Business Bank Account, Logo creation, Skype, Marketing,Signed up for Hoot-suite, Buffer, Tailwind
>> Upgraded to an iPhone 6s in rose gold for my business and for better reception
>> Had a Blog Makeover!
>> Revamped my Twitter, Facebook &  Pinterest Page (Rich Pins, upgraded to Business, re-arranged boards visually, etc.)
>> Wrote over 4,000 words for book
>> Purchased a selfie stick for vacations
>> Purchased new 5 piece suitcase set
>> Learned to trust in God even more! God gave me a vision about my career future & every since I put my trust in God & made the leap, things have been going better than I could have ever dreamed!

And I know that this is my blog, but I am so proud of my amazing hubby for accomplishing several goals of his own this year! Including taking & passing 2 exams, doing tons of work on our new house (too long to list!), supporting me through all of my stress and leaving my job & getting back to designing house-plans! I'm blessed to have such an amazing husband:)

2016 Goals:

>> Grow The Dream Virtual Assistant even more! Create an E-book + Grow my Email List
>> Travel more! Use free Delta airline tickets
>> Start back running
>> Adopt a pet? Thinking maybe a Hedgehog, teddy bear hamster...
>> Photo-shoot with the hubby
>> Have more adventures! 
>> Have a Garage Sale & get rid of remaining clutter!

I am always excited for a new year- it's brings a fresh start and a new slate to wipe clean! Thirty-nine days and counting!

What are some of your accomplishments for 2015 and goals for the new year?


  1. I want to do so many things but get side tracked by life. But when I look back I've done a ton but my list is still so long! Just the fact that this was our first year in the south was huge with all the getting settled. The things I need to do more of is be creative, social and travel.. those things make me happy...not really the social. lol

  2. Life has a tendency to do that! The thing is I don't think we ever get rid of our to-do list, at least I never have yet! I think that is a huge accomplishment making a move that big! Sounds like you have some great goals :-)