My Life Being Renewed: 16th Wedding Anniversary//

16th Wedding Anniversary//

August 5, 2015

Today is our 16th Wedding Anniversary! I can't believe the hubby and I have been married 16 years now- it seems like the time just flew by. I am so blessed to have met my husband when I was 19 years old- he really helped shape my life in such a positive way.

We have the same values & morals, the same things in common- a love for travel and adventure, gourmet food, good music, learning new things and an overall love for living life to the fullest. The fact that we accept each other, flaws and all is pretty amazing- I am so blessed to have a love like this. He loves and supports me like no one ever has, he has my best interest at heart and protects me//

We have had so many amazing times together but also some tough times that only helped to make us stronger. At times, it's been us against the world and we stood together and fought whatever battle we were faced with. We were made for each other-  he is part of my soul and when we're not together, I am less of myself. There is this amazing mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual connection that we have that no one else gets//

We have so many more wonderful memories to make together! We plan on waiting to celebrate our wedding anniversary during our upcoming cruise to the Eastern Caribbean, so I am very excited for that! Hope you enjoy the photos!

About to get married!! Best day of my life// 

 This was when we were engaged- we were going snorkeling//

Our first apartment that we paid for with our own hard-earned money//

Washington, D.C.

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