Bring on 2016!!

November 23, 2015

This weekend was another busy one! The hubby and I are doing a 6-week challenge to see what we can accomplish before 2015 is over!

 This week I:
>> Did some cleaning- pantry, fridge, closet, laundry, dishes, mopped wood floors
>> Re-arranged Entertainment Center
>> Kiltzed remaining rafters- now I have to go back & paint them
>> Hubby put up my two new office pictures
>> Had a Blog Makeover! Still need to do a photo shoot for the Header
>> Ordered custom leather luggage tags via Etsy
>> Sold iPhone 5
>> Set up & had 1st Skype (for the record- I still hate being on video!)
>> Set up my Newsletter, Designed Newsletter Header & sent out first newsletter! Also created Signup-forms for Facebook, Sign-up button for website
>> Wrote blog post for The Dream Virtual Assistant

Look-back on 2015:

>> Housework- installed Wood-flooring, shelving & extra racks in walk in closet, finished Hard-board exterior siding, Painted all interior doors, stained underneath deck, kiltzed about 100 rafters on second story, Painted 2 1/2 sides of house, 
>> De-cluttered & donated 2 truckloads to charity
>> Joined in January & it changed my life!
>> Hubby bought me a Vita-mix for my Birthday!!
>> Celebrated 16 year Wedding Anniversary with my amazing husband! 
>> Finally updated Estate Planning
>> Stood up for myself & stopped caring about approval from other people & stopped listening to people's negativity about my dreams & goals (I wrote about it here)
>> Mended relationships with my family
>> I ended up getting sick, lost 20 lbs. & reached my goal weight
>> Bought furniture for entire house including chair, love-seat, office desk, bed, dining table + chairs, dresser, wine-rack, Patio furniture and grill, new mattress & new pillows, dinnerware, coffeepot- pretty much everything!!
>> Purchased a new riding lawnmower
>> Visited new stores- IKEA, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Crate & Barrell
>> Hubby pulled groin, hurt ankle & got food poisoning which put us behind on housework & I reverted back to being a Nurse (see post I wrote here)
>> Re-opened my Fig & Peach Etsy Store and then decided to close it- have my hands full withmy new business.
>> Renewed my Passport but ended up with a terrible photo!
>> Traveled to Puerto Rico, Turks & Caicos, Bahamas (beach-front couples massage), Savannah, Destin, Amelia Island
>> Tagged along with the hubby to Savannah for his school/exams & had fun eating, shopping my way through Savannah!
>> Dined at lots of great new Restaurants!
>> Went on first Carnival Cruise- worst cruise ever, but we made the best of it (definitely sticking to Celebrity & Royal Caribbean next time!)
>> Took a photo with a two Iguanas on me- that was a first!!
>> Visited Conch Graveyard & found some amazing huge conch shells for my souvenir travel collection
>> Made decision to put in notice to leave 8-5 stressful job & go after my dreams finally!!
>> Started my online business The Dream Virtual Assistant & worked with over 10 clients all in 6 weeks! 
>> Read lots of great books! Big Magic, 4-hour Workweek, Nice Girls Can Finish Last, The Woman I wanted to Be, Girl-boss & more!
>> Joined new Boss Facebook Groups-have met so many encouraging, supportive business women!
>> Listened to some inspiring podcasts!
>> Set up CRM, Accounting, Business Bank Account, Logo creation, Skype, Marketing,Signed up for Hoot-suite, Buffer, Tailwind
>> Upgraded to an iPhone 6s in rose gold for my business and for better reception
>> Had a Blog Makeover!
>> Revamped my Twitter, Facebook &  Pinterest Page (Rich Pins, upgraded to Business, re-arranged boards visually, etc.)
>> Wrote over 4,000 words for book
>> Purchased a selfie stick for vacations
>> Purchased new 5 piece suitcase set
>> Learned to trust in God even more! God gave me a vision about my career future & every since I put my trust in God & made the leap, things have been going better than I could have ever dreamed!

And I know that this is my blog, but I am so proud of my amazing hubby for accomplishing several goals of his own this year! Including taking & passing 2 exams, doing tons of work on our new house (too long to list!), supporting me through all of my stress and leaving my job & getting back to designing house-plans! I'm blessed to have such an amazing husband:)

2016 Goals:

>> Grow The Dream Virtual Assistant even more! Create an E-book + Grow my Email List
>> Travel more! Use free Delta airline tickets
>> Start back running
>> Adopt a pet? Thinking maybe a Hedgehog, teddy bear hamster...
>> Photo-shoot with the hubby
>> Have more adventures! 
>> Have a Garage Sale & get rid of remaining clutter!

I am always excited for a new year- it's brings a fresh start and a new slate to wipe clean! Thirty-nine days and counting!

What are some of your accomplishments for 2015 and goals for the new year?

Announcing the Giveaway Winners!!

November 20, 2015

Happy Friday! Today is the day that I announce the winners of my Fall Giveaway! 

and the winners are:


Thanks so much for entering y'all!! Ladies, please email me your mailing addresses so I can get your giveaway items shipped asap! Email me at melindapollard at gmail dot com. xoxo

Fall Giveaway!

November 15, 2015

Hi Lovies! I'm back with the Fall Giveaway that I promised on my last blog post! I am giving away 2 lovely scarves + a fabulous tote bag made my yours truly. This giveaway will have 3 winners, so you have more chances of winning!

To Enter the giveaway:

>> Subscribe to My Life Being Renewed or Follow me on GFC on the left side bar &
>> Like My Life Being Renewed on Facebook
>> Then leave a comment on the bottom of this blog post & tell me which giveaway item above that you would be most excited to win!

That's it! Simple, right? Great! I will announce the winners this upcoming Friday, so be sure to come back here to see if you've won!

Feeling Blessed ||

November 14, 2015

 via plumprettysugar

Hi Lovies! Can you believe it's the weekend again, already?! Last weekend, on the drive up to the beach- I was able to get my new iPhone 6 activated + new voicemail recorded and all of my favorite apps downloaded, so I have really been having fun playing around with it all week!

This morning I walked for an hour + talked to my Mom. The rest of the day, I have been in the kitchen, making chili and gluten-free rice crispy treats while the hubby is outside working on the exterior siding.

This week I got lots accomplished work wise||

>> Re-designed media packet for my website
>> Updated Accounting for the week
>> Received new Business Cards- they are so pretty!
>> Wrote + shared my second blog post on Productivity Tips for The Dream Virtual Assistant site
>> Cleaned up Bookmarks on computer
>> Hubby booked our hotel for our upcoming trip to Key West + Cozumel
>> Ordered iPhone 6 case for new phone
>> Added new Wordpress Plugins to my Website- Yoast, FontSquirrel, Click to Tweet

>> I received 4 new raving reviews from clients! See one below:

>> Listed my old iPhone 5 + 8 phone cases on Ebay to sell 
>> Laundry, dusting
>> Food shopping
>> Ordered a couple of Christmas Gifts (found 4 gifts last weekend)
>> Wrote two blog posts here on My Life Being Renewed

I actually really enjoyed this week- it was so lovely having extra time to read a book, take a walk and pray + talk to God. I love the feeling of not being rushed + feeling overwhelmed in life. I have never been one to enjoy a chaotic life. 

Last night, I enjoyed picking up sushi (crunchy rolls are my new fave!) and watching movies with the hubby. I am feeling so blessed lately-God is so good and I am so happy to have him guiding my life. I only wished that I had trusted him and stepped out in faith sooner- He knew what was best for me, even when I was afraid.  It took me a few months to trust his plan fully, but at least I did finally say "Okay God, I'm trusting you & I'm going to jump now! I'm trusting you to catch me!" 

Unfortunately, so many people never learn to trust God when he gives them a vision & they never jump- I'm so glad that I wasn't one of those people. I can't imagine remaining in such a state of unhappiness or that God would want that for me or for anyone else, for that matter. I hope that if you are in an unhappy place in your life, that you will give it over to God & trust in him to help renew your life and bring you to a much better place:) "For I know the Plans I have for you", declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm  you, plans to give you a hope and a future." -- Jeremiah 29:11.

And since I am feeling so extremely blessed- I would like to share a giveaway with all of you on my upcoming blog post. I promise that I won't ask you to jump a bunch of annoying hoops to enter, but I will ask that you like my page on FB & Subscribe/Follow me here, on My Life Being Renewed. I promise, the prize will be worth it!! Stay tuned! xoxo

Beach Weekend||

November 9, 2015

We left for the beach on Friday afternoon around 3:00 and stayed through Sunday- our trip included lots of shopping, Starbucks coffee, great food, books & the beach! My idea of a perfect weekend!

I'll let the pictures below tell the story...


We couldn't leave without buying some fresh seafood- scallops and two different kinds of shrimp. I could live off of seafood and never eat anything else! All in all, we had a really lovely weekend and it was a much-needed break for all of us.

Now, it's time to get back to work and I'm refreshed and ready to get started! Hope that you all had a great weekend and have a Happy Monday!!

Crazy Good||

November 5, 2015

 My dream office via EveryGirl

Hi Lovies! Another crazy good week- busy, busy but getting so much done over here!

This week I:

|| Designed + Ordered new Business cards!
|| Finally got GoDaddy email to be redirected to Gmail- now I have a dot com & it was free!
|| Talked with CPA about Business & what I can write off/Accounting Practices, etc.
|| Had two more new clients this week + 2 more VA Consultations for potential clients
|| Listed my business on every directory that I could find!
|| Completed accounting for the business
|| Booked weekend trip to the Beach! Shopping + Beach + Seafood- yes please!!
|| Signed up to try out Tailwind, after trying Buffer- I love how TW works so far!
|| Finished up a book that I was reading

Last night, I stayed up until 1:30 finishing up some work on a Holiday Guide List for a client- I had two coffees from Starbucks & there was no way that I was going to sleep anyway! It was really nice waking up this morning, only having to work on tweaking it.

Today was a pretty great day- it was the first day that I've actually had extra time to go walking or have any time for myself. Since the business start up part is behind me, I now have extra time to focus on marketing, work + some me time. Tomorrow, I have a couple of projects to work on in the morning, then I will be packing for our weekend trip to the beach!! So that's it pretty much- off to have some dinner + relax!

How has your week treated you?

Happy Monday!!

November 2, 2015

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Happy Monday Lovelies!! I haven't blogged in a few days because I got a bit overwhelmed with the not so fun parts of starting a business. Accounting, CRM, Invoicing,etc. I'm happy to say that I was able to accomplish everything last week and it is such a huge weight off my shoulders!

So here is what I got done last week:

|| Business Accounting/Invoicing System set up
|| Business Bank Account set up + Business debit card
|| Ordered a Target Red-card for my Business (5% back!!)
|| Had logo created via Etsy (for invoices)
|| Updated pages for my website (about me, hire me, etc.)
|| Cleaned up Twitter + IG sites
|| Ordered iPhone 6s in rose gold and upgraded memory to 64- will be using phone for business, so I will need more room for apps + accounting, etc.
|| Emailed Amy my VA listing to put on Skill-Space

|| Ordered Suitcase set for our upcoming trip
|| Cleaned upstairs + downstairs fridge
|| Painted more exterior rafters
|| Cleaned downstairs garage
|| Cleaned house interior lights
|| Laundry + dishes
|| Cleaned bedding
|| Made parking reservations for vacation
|| Created a new personal Swap & Shop page to sell things that I don't need- went through & cleaned out closet
|| Hubby put up Door trim & molding in bathroom

Today, I have some client work to do, a new potential client phone appointment & later I plan on taking some more classes online. I also need to call my CPA to ask a few questions and work on some accounting. Fun day ahead! I'm currently making a cappuccino and then getting to work!

What were you able to accomplish over the past week?