Never Ending To Do List!

February 2, 2016

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Honestly, it feels like my entire life consists of one HUGE to-do list. Especially with me running & marketing my own business, my hubby working full time & on top of that-we have a new house that needs several things finished! You will never find me complaining about being bored or lonely!

So the hubby and I were talking the other day and we came up with the idea that we could work on accomplishing 1 thing per day (or more) on the house to do list in order to get things done faster! We have 366 days (1 extra day!!) this year, so here we go!

I am keeping myself accountable and letting you all see what we accomplished the past 2 weeks!

Hubby's to do's is- H and my to do's is- M.

|| Cleaned out fridge - M
|| Painted Toilet Brush Holder - M
|| Painted rusty Hammock - M
|| Puttied deck step boards- M
|| Cleaned behind Fridge - M
|| Deep cleaned all sinks- M
|| Cleaned out 1/2 the garage (baby steps...)- M
|| Organized & threw out computer cords - H
|| Installed speakers- H
|| Cleaned yards (when you have 3 acres it's constant upkeep!) - M
|| Put up new clock- H
|| Installed trim on 3 windows in bedroom- H
|| Mudded areas- H
|| Painted rafters & hardi-board on main side of house- M
|| Put in vents on main side of house -M
|| Cleaned deck railing - M
|| Painted exterior overhangs - M
|| Put Putty in exterior hardi-boards- M
|| Put up new bedroom mirror - H
|| Removed hand-built scaffolding on side of house- H 
|| After returning blinds, ordered 3 more of the higher quality ones- M

Other To-do's:
|| After having my new iPhone 6s for over 4 months, I finally set up my apple pay!
|| Wrote 3 blog posts for the week
|| Brought on a couple of new clients
|| Listened to 2 sermons- last Tuesday
|| Stripped bed & did Laundry, Dishes, Cleaned Floors, Cleaned off DR table
|| Trying to make a habit of making my bed everyday (you guys, I have never made up my bed my entire life!) But it feels so amazing when I do!
|| Cleaned & organized makeup vanity area
|| Researched & Found remaining furniture (will have it in a couple of weeks!)

Today I plan on puttying the deck stair boards & get them ready to sand & paint, sand all 3 overhangs and hopefully paint them this week. Also, the hubby is going to finish taking down the hand-made scaffolding & finish mudding around the hood vent area so we can get that installed this week as well! We are making it a goal to finish painting & building + installing shutters this month. Lots to do, but the only way to get it all done is to do something every day (or several things, in my case!!)

Hope you all have an awesome week!! xoxo

Love the Weekend||

January 30, 2016

Hi Lovelies, Happy Saturday!!! 

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The hubby and I wanted to have all of the weekend to work around the house, so Friday afternoon we decided to get our food shopping done early. So we grabbed a bite to eat first and also did some house decor shopping; returned the Mirada blinds that we bought at Home Depot (not a fan) and found some better ones that we are going to purchase online. We hit up Starbucks for a Venti Frap w/coconut milk, triple shot espresso & finally made it to Trader Joe's to stock up since our fridge was empty. I bought tons of raw foods- navel oranges, apples, greens, etc because I plan on incorporating mostly raw foods into my diet. I have been feeling terrible lately with allergies, so I think it is a great idea to do an elimination diet to see what is bothering me.

We also went to Target so that I could pick up some hair coloring & nail polish and I found a cute scarf that was on sale. If you like infinity scarves, it's a great week to go to Target- they were all under $10! I also found some gorgeous drawer knobs at Home Goods & did an amazing Ikea Hack that I will show you in my next blog post!

So far today, I have made breakfast, painted my nails, colored my hair, cleaned the pantry some more, researched blinds, washed the dishes, stripped the bed & put on laundry! I'm sitting here having a cup of Earl Grey and then I plan on taking a lovely walk- it's so pretty & sunny out today!

Have a lovely weekend y'all!!!

xoxo, Melinda

Embracing the Cold||

January 25, 2016

Hi lovies! Most of you know that I'm from the south where it's warm pretty much year round. I personally am not really a big fan of the cold weather, so I thought I would use some Pinterest inspiration to try to encourage myself to embrace this cold weather.

In our house lately, it's been sweaters, cappuccinos, bonfires, hot cocoa, pjs & lots of blankets! I really miss the sunshine, but I'm trying to make the most of this cold weather! Hope that my photos inspire!


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via sequins & sarcasm

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Do you enjoy the cold weather? If so, what things do you enjoy the most?

January Accomplishments & Goals

January 21, 2016

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    Some days I just don't feel like I've accomplished much until I write it all out and I'm always amazed by how much that I have actually accomplished!! 

    Goals accomplished for January:

    House Accomplishments:
    || Cleaned out my closet & consigned a TON of clothing, shoes, jewelry
    || Ordered my 3rd Verismo- the first 2 would not work. This time they are sending me their newer model- so hopefully, the 3rd time is the charm!!
    || Ordered a set of surround sound speakers for our home
    || Ordered 3 pair of woven natural blinds for the bedroom
    || Rearranged furniture & loving the new vibe!
    || Cleaned out junk drawers, pantry, under the bathroom sink
    || Hubby put up 4 new pictures + a mirror for me!
    || Did some after Christmas shopping & updated to all new Christmas decorations, tree skirt, ornaments, etc. (My stuff was all hand-me downs from family) I also bought Christmas           gifts for this Christmas already!
    || Installed new butcher block in Laundry room- hubby worked really hard on getting this     done and it looks amazing!!
    || Purchased a new mirror for the bedroom, a clock, 2 side tables for the living room (still on the hunt for a coffee table, buffet table and wall art- we're getting there!!)
    ||Purchased Amazon Prime (trying to decide whether to keep Hulu & Netflix)

    Work Accomplishments:
    || Started my "Morning coffee with God" routine (put God first & my business second)
    || Hubby installed PDF Nitro so that I can create fillable forms, questionnaires- he's the best!
    || Designed Square Space Website & Transferred everything over to new site
    || Increased my IG Followers by 200 in a week, & Twitter followers by 60 in the past week
    || Created a Free Business Marketing Tip Sheet for my Opt-In
    || Opened my online Styled Stock Photography at the Creative Market & Etsy
    || Worked on my Business organization- organized all of my projects in Asana including a House Project for my hubby & I to get our House To-Do List accomplished!
    || Re-branded my entire business including my website and designing new Banners for my Twitter, Facebook & Newsletter
    ||Decorated my new office & installed Office 2016 Software which I am loving!

    Goals for the remainder of January:
    || Clean out the Garage & get rest of things from storage- have a sale!
    || Put up Kitchen Hood-vent
    || Hang Clock
    || Purchase Wall Mirror for Living Room, Coffee Table, Buffet Table and Wall Art
    || Install Speakers
    || Install Blinds
    || Put up Interior Trim
    || Paint Exterior Rafters
    || Finish Painting Exterior Siding (Once it warms up!!) 

    What have you been able to accomplish so far for 2016? Please share!


Who Gives You Encouragement?

January 20, 2016


What kind of support do you have in your life? Are you surrounded by positive girlfriends, your Mom, sisters who are there for you when you're having difficult times or even just having a friend to hang out with to share in your successes in life?

I have to admit, I've never had supportive women/girlfriends like that. I've always had to be my own biggest supporter, my own coach, I have had to pull myself up by the bootstraps when I'm going through a rough time and give myself pep talks on the days that I'm feeling down. Growing up I was never given compliments & was told on a daily basis that I was the same as everyone else and nothing special. I've never had a woman mentor to lift me up or tell me how amazing I am or what I am capable of and you guys, no matter how much I try to bury that in my subconscious, it really hurts and it has affected my self-worth. It makes me feel like I'm not important or that I don't matter. They say that you don't miss what you've never had, but I have had glimpses of what other women have and I really want that too..

Those days when I sit in my office all alone with no one to talk to or to share things with, is really hard. I am so envious of those women who have girlfriends to go out with to have a glass of wine or to go shopping. I admit that I'm extremely choosy of who I allow to be around me -I only allow myself to have authentic, positive relationships- I don't associate with takers, people who lie, cheat or who pretend to be something they're not- I feel that I should only have people surrounding me that are good for my spirit.

I've had my share of women that have tried to tear me down in my life or tried to bully me- I've never had any positive encouragement from another woman (with the exception of online). Even now, no one in my life ever asks how my business is doing or compliments my weight loss or a new haircut- they honestly don't even know me as a person because they have never taken the time to really know me and I find that extremely sad. I think that I'm an amazing, loving and generous person and I would give anything to help someone else expecting nothing in return. I feel like they have me pegged as one person when I am in fact, the complete opposite, but if they can't dig past the exterior to see the true me, I certainly won't go out of my way to prove myself.

Luckily, I have been blessed with an amazing husband who does lift me up and brag to all of his co-workers about  how amazing that I am. But I still miss having having girlfriends to hang out with to talk about girly things. I have always been a big believer in women supporting and loving one another- I have never wanted to be a part of anything less. 

The other day on Instagram, this girl accidentally tagged me with some other mean girls who were bullying Carly Waddell from the Bachelor and I was so upset about it. I tagged her and begged her to please remove my name from being grouped with those girls that were making fun of Carly. I find that type of behavior to be so atrocious and don't want anything to do with it. I believe that there are so many different ways that you can bully someone - verbally, giving mean looks, by copying them so excessively until they feel like their identity has been stolen and they no longer feel like themselves or by passive aggressively ignoring someone like they don't exist. Those last two are the worst- I've experienced both and it really really hurts....No one wants to be made to feel like they don't exist or that someone is trying to replace them as if they no longer matter.

Because I know what it's like to feel left out and to feel alone, I have always gone above and beyond to support other women. I am very comfortable giving out compliments or listening when someone needs someone to talk to or wants advice. I know that because of never having those things myself, I am very sensitive to how I treat others and make sure that I always treat people in a kind manner even when they are unkind to me. 

It doesn't mean that all women will be best friends or have a compatible friendship- it just means that we have respect for one another and when someone needs help or support- to be there for them. It never hurts to be kind & it doesn't cost anything- so feel free to spread the love to others :) You never know who might being going through a difficult time and could use some support in their life

This year my prayer is that God sends me some Christian, loving women that are kind and supportive.

Do you have supportive girlfriends or a positive female mentor in your life?

My Top Favorite Ways to Unwind!!

January 1, 2016

Life gets so busy sometimes and hectic,whether you're an Entrepreneur, work an 8-5 or a stay at home Mom- we all need a break sometimes!! So I decided it would be a great idea to share my top favorite ways to unwind!

1.|| Read a Book

I love to take some time out of my day to relax and do some reading! I used to read more fiction (and embarrassingly enough- chick lit) but lately I have moved more towards reading books about self-improvement and tips on being a better Entrepreneur.

2.|| Have a Coffee

I love stopping in the middle of the day to have a cup of tea or a latte to help perk me up! Coffee is known to help enhance moods + help with focus- it definitely helps me get so much more acomplished throughout the work day!

3.|| Take a Bath

Another great way to unwind is to take time out at the end of the day and take a nice long bath! Sometimes, I admit that I do bring my iPhone in the bath and scroll my IG feed, but I don't consider that work! While I was in Key West with the hubby earlier this month- I picked up some natural bath bombs from Naples Soap Company that have Epsom salts, Shea butter and essential oils and they smell AMAZING!

4. ||Write in Your Journal

I have been writing in a journal since I was old enough to write, so journaling is something that I love to do! Whether it's writing a list of things that you are grateful for, accomplishments or about your day- just write! Writing can be very therapeutic and it's also amazing to go back at a later time and read the things that you've written about- it's always interesting to see how you've grown or what goals that you've accomplished! 

5.|| Take a Walk in Nature

image via finchandfawn 

I love taking time out of my day- usually the middle of the day I will take a break to get outside. I love to walk and talk to God- it's one of my favorite things to do to unwind! Another added bonus is that you will get added clarity about your life and most of the time I have my best ideas while walking outside! (I do bring my iPhone in case an idea hits me & I need to add it to my list!)

What are some ways that you like to unwind?

Getting Ready for 2016!!!

December 30, 2015

Hi Loveys, I had the best day yesterday! I have been working hard on my business even through the Christmas Holidays trying to get as much accomplished as I can before the new year.

|| Finished writing & designing my E-Book Guide on "Ditch Your 8-5 & Start Your Dream Business in 10 Easy Steps"

|| Hired my web designer to set up website landing page + woo commerce options

|| Restructured my VA Packages + Prices for The Dream Virtual Assistant (I'm no longer doing hourly because it was not working for me)

|| Let go of a few clients so that I can start the new year off right and work smarter & not harder

||Took Square Space Course + signed up for the trial- thinking about moving over to Square Space in the new year.

|| Designed new banners for my Facebook and Twitter pages

|| Finished my vision board for 2016

|| Hubby hung pictures for my new office!

|| Office Wish List items checked off: Verismo, new computer + software, new desk + chair, printer table,  Kindle

Later today, I plan on playing around with my Square-Space trial to see if I want to switch over and also work on drafting some blog posts for my business + this blog while I have some time. I am feeling so ready for the new year-What are some of your goals for 2016? I would love to hear them!!