Monday, September 1, 2014

Welcome September!!

I can't believe it is already September! I have thoroughly enjoyed the Summer and even managed to visit the beach a couple of times, but I am very excited for the Fall!! I look forward to the hot cocoa, baking pies, scarves, sweaters, reading books and writing more.

This will be our first Fall in our new home- I am hoping by the end of October that I will have a dining room table that I can decorate with pumpkins and fall-like things.

September House Goals:
//Finish Exterior House Siding & Trim
//Install interior wood flooring
//Install Food Pantry Shelving
//Install shower tile & curved shower rod
//Paint Interior Doors

September Personal Goals:
//Blog Face-lift
//More Photography, writing, art
//Re-open my Etsy Shop & start back crocheting scarves
//Work on eating healthier- less pasta, cheese & wine
//Daily Running
//Sunday- go to church
//More Spa Days
//Go to Savannah for a weekend
//Go through books & donate
//Organize- sell & donate

By the first of October, we should be ready to start shopping for things for our new home. Our main purchases will be a dining room table, buffet table, living room furniture and a coffee table, vanity and a dresser and night stands for our bedroom. I also still have lots of smaller purchases such as mirrors, wine glasses, dinnerware, towels, rugs, etc. I am definitely looking forward to the shopping and decorating part!!

What are some of your Goals for September?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Last Day of our St. Augustine Trip!

One day we will own a house like this on the water

We had so much fun for our 15 year wedding Anniversary- it was full of adventure, fun, new things and romance- all of my favorite things! I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband- he is my biggest supporter and the love of my life:) Stay tuned for my next blog post about why I love being married!

Have you or are you planning on celebrating an anniversary soon?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

To-Do List//

Life has been good, but crazy lately! We did finally get the Certificate of Occupancy to move into our new home, but my husband had to go behind some of the contractors to fix some things that they should have done so that took extra time. Thank goodness that he knows how to do all of that!

I feel like everyday we are running around working so hard- trying to check things off the to do list. It will be nice when we can have a normal life where things aren't so hectic! Our goal is to finish everything, including decorating by the end of October, then we can relax and enjoy the Fall..

//Deck, stairs & Railing finished
//Washer & Dryer installed (so happy to finally be able to do laundry!)
//Bathroom & Laundry Tile finished
//Yesterday we almost finished moving my husbands tools out of storage- we will finish moving everything this afternoon
//Closet shelving is partially installed- we still need more shelving, but thank goodness that I can hang some clothes instead of living out of boxes + suitcases.

(the closet is currently full + we still have more)

Currently Working on:
//Install exterior Hardi-board siding, trim + Paint
//Paint exterior Rafters
//Install wood floors
//Paint interior doors

Future To-do list:
//Install Shower Wall Tile & Shower Rod
//Install more closet shelving
//Install Pantry shelving
//Unpack- move upstairs
//Buy furniture for house- dining room table, living room furniture, bed frame, dresser, vanity, etc.
//Install interior ceiling trim, door & window trim
//Build house for well
//Concrete poured for Garage Drive/Parking
//Driveway Gravel
//Privacy/Security Front Gate
//Go through everything- sell, donate & throw away

We have lots of things planned to get done this weekend and Monday we have off for Labor Day- hopefully we will get enough done, that we can take a day off to relax.

Hope you enjoy your Labor Day!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Celebrating my Two-Year Blog Anniversary!!

I received an email today informing me that today is my Two Year Blog Anniversary! Two years went by extremely fast and I have had the best time blogging and meeting new bloggers. Before this blog, I had another blog at Fit and Fabulous Life-which I look back on from time to time. I can't tell you how many nights that I have been blogging away with Roscoe sitting in my lap and today I remember him while I celebrate this anniversary. I am looking forward to this journey to see where else this little blog will take me and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do! Thanks so much for reading!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

St. Augustine Trip Continued..

{Speaking of our 15 year wedding anniversary- my husband just keeps getting better looking all of the time}

We went on a tour of the Whetstone Chocolate Factory

And also a tour of the San Sebastian Winery- so much fun! We sampled about 10 different wines.

We took the ferry over to Fort Matanzas

This sentry reminded me of the one that we visited in Puerto Rico right before we were married.

We had the best time on our trip to St. Augustine. I still have more pictures to come and will be blogging them later in the week. I am so excited to visit more new places & experience new adventures with my husband!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

15 Year Wedding Anniversary at the St. Francis Inn

The St. Francis Inn in St. Augustine, Florida graciously offered to host me and my husband for one night to celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary in the Elisabeth Suite. Kelly, one of the Innkeepers was so welcoming and was always available to answer all of our questions about the area.

The Inn Kitty "Zeke" was the first thing we saw upon our arrival- I instantly knew that this was going to be a wonderful place to stay!

They also offer free guest parking, which believe it or not, is extremely rare in St. Augustine- almost every place that you visit, you either pay a parking meter or a daily fee to park your vehicle in a lot.

At every point in the day, there was always iced water, sweet tea, hot teas and coffee available. 

The husband and I enjoyed having our coffee/tea on this beautiful porch right outside our suite.

Sherry was available in our room upon arrival

Bicycles are available for complimentary use to ride around the  historic downtown area.

I loved having s'mores by the fire - so much fun!

St. Francis Inn even remembered our Wedding Anniversary-such a nice surprise!

We checked into the St. Francis Inn early Wednesday afternoon and they were so gracious that they allowed us to check in 1.5 hours early. I overheard another couple being checked in early as well- most places make you wait so that was a nice little treat! Upon check-in, the innkeeper gave us free admission tickets to visit the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum (you will see later in the next post how much fun that we had there!). She also showed us some fun places to visit on the map and gave us the access code to use their beach cottage that provides beach towels, beach chairs, refreshments and free parking for a day at the beach. This was my first time ever hearing of any accommodations that provide this type of service-I was blown away by how much they had to offer.

Some other amenities that the Inn offered was a buffet breakfast (the quiche was so delicious!), social hour with wine and light bites, specialty made coffees, then later in the evening, they also offered a dessert hour with hot teas, coffee, hot cocoa and their in-house home made cakes and desserts. We only stayed one night, so we didn't have enough time to enjoy their heated pool, in-room Jacuzzi, board games, book reading collection, etc.

After staying at the St. Francis Inn, we definitely plan on visiting again but next time, we are planning a longer stay so we can enjoy more of our time there. We thoroughly enjoyed the romantic ambiance of the Inn- especially with the champagne by the fireplace and the complimentary robes. It was the perfect place to celebrate our 15 Year Wedding Anniversary. If you plan on visiting St. Augustine in the near future, you should definitely check out the St. Francis Inn.  Thank you to St. Francis Inn for their hospitality and for making our wedding anniversary so amazing.

Have you ever visited St. Augustine?