My Life Being Renewed: True Love -For Better or Worse//

True Love -For Better or Worse//

February 21, 2015


Unfortunately, the hubby and I got so caught up working on our house that we didn't really have time to celebrate Valentine's Day over the weekend. We were trying to get everything finished in time for the appraiser to come out on Tuesday. The worst thing is that my husband pushed himself to the point to where he not only got a cold but also pulled a groin muscle and I was out of work taking care of him most of the week. He literally couldn't walk on Monday- if you could have seen me trying to help him up the 20 + stairs to our house- you would have cried for me and him both.

He was at a point that he couldn't get up to go to the bathroom, basically bed bound,so I have been doing everything for him. Helping him into bed, in and out of the bath tub to soak in Epsom salts (we laughed to keep from crying it was so difficult), ice packs, giving him pain medicine, elevating his leg, bringing him beverages, food- I even made a home-made coconut oil + lavender salve to put on his pulled muscle and gave him massages to speed up the healing process. I would rather myself be in pain than to see my husband in pain- so I will do anything to make him better.

My husband is used to being the strong one, he is always so strong for me, always taking care of me. When my Father passed away and my family mistreated me, he felt like it was his job to step in and protect me and keep me safe. It is extremely difficult for me to see him helpless and the roles being reversed to where I have to be the strong one..I walked in the room the other day and he had broken down because he felt helpless and hated not being able to do anything for himself.  I just hugged him and laid on the bed beside him and prayed over his body for healing.

The honest truth is that I would take his pain if I could- just the thought of him being sick or hurt, scares me to death. I don't want to ever imagine my life without him-he is my best friend, my lover, my strength when I am feeling down or weak- sometimes I don't realize how much of a support that my husband is for me and I don't think he realizes how much that I love and care for him until one of us gets hurt or sick- then everything seems to instantly become clear//

Don't get me wrong, I adore Valentine's Day, but I don't need roses, dinner or gifts to see how much my husband loves me or to show my husband  how much that I love him. For me, loving someone is in the everyday things. Like the other day, I was taking care of him and he said "You're my baby", I thought it was so sweet// Or, the fact that I was joking about looking pretty for the appraiser so that he would give us a good appraisal- my husband said, "Don't look too pretty to where he gets obsessed with you."- I thought that was so sweet that he thought someone else might become obsessed with me (although, I personally don't foresee that being a problem) it's things like that shows me how much my husband loves me.

When we were married 15 1/2 years ago- the vows we spoke were for better or for worse and we both meant every word of it. I know that God put my husband and I together to love and be a support for one another. Both of us bring something to each other's life- I respect and build my husband up and support him and he makes me feel protected and loved. For me, that is what love is-  it's about both sides giving, compromising and loving and taking care of one another.

What makes you feel loved?

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