My Life Being Renewed: Day Two: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Day Two: San Juan, Puerto Rico

September 2, 2015

Day Two: San Juan, Puerto Rico
I was beyond excited to visit Puerto Rico again- we haven't been there since before we were married in 1998. I love to visit the Forts and the coffee is so amazing in Puerto Rico- they know how to make coffee and this is coming from a coffee snob! We hit the cafe first since the Forts didn't open until 9:00- it was so nice sitting there enjoying our Cortadito and then we grabbed a latte to go.

We visited San Cristobel and Del Morro Forts- lots of walking and stairs. We definitely burned off some serious calories here! Thank goodness for the 2 coffees that morning- they really helped us get through the hours of walking.

After visiting the two forts, we headed back towards the boat and on the way, we saw this guy with Iguanas and paid him to let us have our pictures made. I always like to help out the locals because that is how they make their living- so why not have fun and help them out at the same time- a win win in my book! I had such a great time in San Juan- I love it here and I can't wait to visit again in the future!

 Our Cortadito + a coffee to go totaled about $11, but well worth it!

 Yes, he is very real and yes I was scared to get too close- people were taking (too close for comfort) selfies with him. I was smart and stayed way back & let the hubby take the photos :)

 I love dark tunnels- they always remind me of when I go through hard times- "there is always a light at the end of every tunnel"

Scared to death of Iguanas on my arm, but I love trying new things- I was okay until the one in the pink boa got extremely close to my neck with his face and I screamed. Then I felt bad for scaring the poor things. They were so cute! (from a distance)


  1. Beautiful photos! I visited PR when I was 14 and loved it!

  2. Lisa, thank you! I agree- it's such a beautiful place to visit- the forts are just so breathtaking!