My Life Being Renewed: House Preview//

House Preview//

May 1, 2015

Hi lovelies, I'm a little embarrassed that it has been a month since I last blogged, but I have been busy living life and trying to get things done. Today will be mostly a visual/photo heavy post, but tomorrow I plan on posting about 2015 goals that I have been able to accomplish so far. Until then, enjoy the picture show.

To do: window trim & install wall speakers

I bought this to put in the bathroom- isn't it gorgeous?!

 To do: hang crab picture

This is where I spend most of my weekends with a good book + a cappuccino

I hope that you enjoyed the mini- tour, we still have a long to do list, but it's been fun seeing it all come together! This weekend we will be working on exterior siding, trim and going through more things in the garage- I am hoping to have a garage sale soon + donate more things. See you later this weekend; I will be back with a post all about 2015 goals + accomplishments!


  1. Looks great! I can't wait to move to a new house! You're finding pretty furniture and accessories. :)

  2. Thanks Lisa! For the decor, we shopped Home Goods, World Market and the couch, sofa and bed is IKEA.

  3. your house looks amazing!

  4. Ivana, thank you! It's definitely been a labor of love- lots of thought and preparation went into it :)