My Life Being Renewed
This was in my drafts from October 18 of last year (2019)

Inn in St. Augustine right on the busy downtown area- this is us at Happy Hour at the Inn

So it's been a few years since I've written on this blog. A lot has happened in 4 years. I'm not sure exactly where to begin, but I'll just start at where I'm at now in life.

So, the last time that I blogged, I had left my career at the Law Firm and I started my own successful VA Business and worked with alot of high end coaching and wealth mentor clients and celebrities. I published 3 non-fiction books and 1 fiction book on Amazon. I self taught myself tons of new things in that 1.5 years- how to build a website, graphic design, publishing my books, newsletter, opt ins, etc.

But, my business kept growing and became overwhelming to where I needed to hire my own Virtual Assistant. I was at a precipice and had to make a decision. I was also tired of taking so many meetings via skype, phone. It began to be something that I didn't like- it was no longer allowing me to use my creative side, but too much paperwork and the boring stuff that I didn't care for and I honestly didn't want to hire a VA and have someone new to have to train. I ended up getting stressed and became so sick that I was admitted to the hospital around my birthday in 2015. That's when I let go of all of my clients except for one and finally I let her go and gave up my VA Business. I felt such a relief to be honest!

Took me a while to get better but I grew so much spiritually because I only had God to get me through it for my healing

Poshmark (husband built me an industrial portable closet + an industrial hanging closet + shelving for my shipping station)

Learned so much about saving money/budgeting/went on a less spend plan which helped to pay down most debt

Lots of vacations- Disney, Savannah, Jacksonville, St Augustine, Cruises, Wisconsin

Upcoming cruise- all inclusive

Whole 30 Paleo, bought magic bullet

Acquired lake lot from husband's family and decided to sell it

Traded in Suburban and bought a Nissan Juke-smaller/better fuel efficient car

Paid off land loan and vehicle and consolidated- have only 1 small loan left

Hubby bought me a Juicer & we joined a Gym

Avoiding negative, unkind people who only take

House projects- gravel walk way, kitchen backsplash, tool shed matching our house, landscaping/flower boxes

Finally tried out Airbnb

Got on the Rae Dunn trend for about 8 months & met lots of new friends, then decided I was spending way too much money on my hobby
Stronger emotionally & spiritually- things don't bother me like they used to. I let things roll off my back. No longer care about being a people pleaser and what people choose to believe about me.

This was a draft from 1 year ago and a LOT has happened since then! Stay tuned for more posts!

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