My Life Being Renewed: Photography//


October 17, 2019

I saw this beautiful caterpillar (Eumorpha fasciatus) when I was outside weeding and quickly ran inside to grab my camera- how breathtaking!!

Every since I was really young, I have always had a passion for photography. At the time when film cameras were popular- I would take hundreds of photos and be so excited to have the film developed. I would send off my film to York Photo and run to the mailbox every day to see if my photos had arrived. For me, it was a hobby that I greatly enjoyed and still do.

Lately, I have become so busy with life that I have forgotten how much I truly enjoy photography. I want to return to the things that I know and love- photography & photo editing, travel, crocheting, writing, running marathons with my husband. Our lives are finally coming back together and I am so excited to really start living again!

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