My Life Being Renewed

Time for Goals for the New Year! I am so ready to tackle 2015 head on and get things accomplished!

2015 Goals

//Join the YMCA- exercise, swim, sauna- get healthy!
//Drink more h20, more hot tea, eat more raw foods
//Take my vitamins
//Grow hair long
//Train for another Marathon with the hubby
//Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier
//Finish House including landscaping, front entrance gate
//Purchase Patio Set, sofa, coffee table, bed frame, dresser
//Update Estate Planning Documents
//Consolidate bills
//Pray more and worry less
//Leave the past behind and learn to let go and live in the present
//Complain less, be a more positive person 
//Spend more time with positive people 
//Take my Mom shopping and to Maclay Gardens + picnic
//Be a better listener to my husband
//Attend church
//De-clutter- have a sale/donate everything sometime in February (Uhaul- move things from MIL)
//Travel (use Delta Skymiles), spa trip with the girls, Savannah Trip, Chattahoochee Lake 
//Work less, play more
//Renew Passport
//Trade in Suburban for a better fuel-efficient vehicle
//Transfer photos from hard-drives
//Do some adventurous things- hot air balloon, helicopter, art on the beach, learn how to play guitar
//More hiking, biking
//Photo-shoot with the hubby
//More creative- art, music, writing & crochet more
//Re-open my Etsy Shop
//Read more books
//Adopt a Pet

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