My Life Being Renewed: Alfred B Maclay Gardens State Park

Alfred B Maclay Gardens State Park

March 6, 2014

Last Sunday was my birthday and at the last minute I decided to go to Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park instead of the beach. I have been wanting to go for a few years now so I figured my birthday was the perfect day to go somewhere new!

The tour guide told us this sweet story behind Maclay Gardens.
In 1923 Alfred B. and Louise Maclay purchased property in Tallahassee for their winter home.  Over the years they established one of the most beautiful ornamental gardens in Florida.  In 1953, nine years after Mr. Maclay’s death, Mrs. Maclay and her children donated the gardens to the State of Florida.  She expressed her wishes that the Gardens always be maintained as a memorial to her husband and his creation, and opened to the public for the enjoyment of the people of Florida and guests.   
I love that Louise wanted to leave the gardens as a memorial to her husband and his love of the gardens- such a romantic story!

This house was the Nanny's quarters- the children stayed at here until it was time for dinner-then they would walk over to the main house and have dinner with their family.

I loved the Pink Japanese Magnolia- I want some of these at our house! I can just imagine having a seating area under this tree and reading a book..

This beautiful cottage used to be a hunting lodge for the Maclay's, but later they turned it into their home. Isn't it just lovely? I adore a cozy little cottage..

After having fun at the Gardens- my husband let me open my birthday presents & card that he got for me.

Honestly, I had the best time at the Alfred B Maclay Gardens State Park celebrating my birthday! As much as I love shopping & traveling to exotic places - it was nice to discover this hidden gem that took less than an hour to arrive- it was the perfect day to walk around the gardens and soak up the beautiful nature all around.

I really enjoyed fantasizing about how it would feel to be the Maclay's and to live at this beautiful place- how wonderful it must have been! I am sure they had picnics in the gardens and read their books underneath the beautiful oak trees..they probably went on long walks together and had lovely chats about their day. It would be a dream to be able to live there.

If you have never visited Maclay Gardens, then you should definitely add it to your list of places to go! I plan on taking my Mom and my MIL this spring. I also want to go back to have a picnic with the husband & have our photos done as well me and who knows, maybe we will renew our vows here for our 15th Wedding Anniversary coming up this August..

Do you have any fun places that you live near that  you would like to visit?

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