My Life Being Renewed: Getting my Hustle On//

Getting my Hustle On//

October 15, 2015


It's Day Two of being at home and I love it! Some people would probably get bored or not have enough things to fill their time, but not me- I have so many goals and things that I want to accomplish! 

Here are some things that I accomplished on Day 1:

|| Made hubby breakfast and packed a lunch
|| Gave hubby a haircut
|| Had a healthy breakfast for once! Scrambled eggs + GF raisin toast + grapes  (usually have a banana or protein bar for breakfast)  
|| Completed 8 Restaurant Reviews on Trip Advisor
|| Put up dishes
|| Washed bedding/made bed + another load of laundry
|| Cooked Chicken & Rice Casserole for dinner
|| Completed Blog Post
|| Listened to 1 Being Boss Podcast
|| Signed up for Photoshop Course
|| Fed the squirrels
|| Walked with the hubby for 20 minutes
|| Sent important emails RE: Blog & Career Opportunities
|| Hair Treatment
|| Made hair appointment at Madison Grove
|| Read 80% of "Nice Girls Can Finish Last"- I highly recommend this book to women are too nice and tend to not get back what they give to others and how they can change their behavior to get what they deserve! The author talks about you can still be nice, but be firm in what you ask for and expect in life and remove the people who take from you but are never there in your time of need.

This morning, I am currently listening to my second sermon of the day and finished reading my book from yesterday. I also just downloaded Photo Director 5 to start learning some new photo editing and I plan on beginning my Photoshop Course today as well so I can refresh my memory. So yes, busy day of learning ahead and I'm excited!

Hope you all are having a lovely day where-ever you are!

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