My Life Being Renewed: The Scoop Deli & Ice Cream

The Scoop Deli & Ice Cream

January 31, 2014

If you have never been to lunch at The Scoop Deli & Ice Cream in downtown Thomasville, Georgia, you are definitely missing out! They have the best lunch and something on the menu for everyone! A huge plus for me is that I can walk there on my lunch!

[Normally, I would loved to have dined outside- but this was on a cold, windy day!]

[I love the 50's feel- so retro!]

[My husband and myself are small eaters- so we shared the turkey club, chili & a broccoli salad]

I swear, I think I order the Turkey Club every time- it is so good! 
And the chili was perfect-the Scoop knows how to make a good soup, that is for sure.

Not too shabby right?! Especially lunch for two people + a girl who hates budgeting..

If you live in the area or just visiting for the day- make sure you stop by to check out The Scoop Ice-cream & Deli! It's right in the middle of downtown- so grab your girlfriends, go do some shopping & have lunch!

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  1. Hahah I hate budgeting too! :) This lunch looks delish, especially because I'm super hungry right now!!