My Life Being Renewed: I have a Confession..

I have a Confession..

January 6, 2014

I have a little confession to make...that New Year Resolution, the one about budgeting. Well, it didn't last long, not even one whole week. Sorry, not sorry..

 In my defense, Mimi's, The Look for Less sent me an email about their 50% off sale and well, I couldn't resist..

This is what I left with- the definition of success, in my book! The good news is, I am doing really well with several of my other New Year's Resolutions which I will be sharing with you later on this week.

Hope you are all having a great week! (And hopefully, doing better on your resolutions than me!)

*These products were paid out of my own money & this review is my own personal opinion.


  1. Love your purchases! So cute. I fall for 50% off sales tempting. A splurge every now and then is a nice treat :-)

    1. Thanks Kelly! I knew I wasn't the only one- it was too good to pass up!! :)