My Life Being Renewed: Making Space in my Life for the Positive!!

Making Space in my Life for the Positive!!

November 4, 2016

So, this past Wednesday was really not a good day for me. I ended up feeling unhappy in my life, realizing that I have zero friends that truly love and support me & just missing Roscoe (my dog of 15 years that passed a few years ago). I honestly just wish for one girlfriend that I can chat with over a cup of coffee or a friend to go shopping and have fun together. No cattiness or passive aggressive jabs and no competitiveness or constantly trying to one-up someone. I dislike those things so much. I will always prefer being alone than being in negative company. I am moving out the negative people that are taking up space in my life to make room for some amazing, positive people to come into my life.

I finally realized that with all of the different negative thoughts running through my head at one time, that this was beyond just being sad. I was under serious attack from the enemy and I was determined that I was going to turn things around with some serious prayer and begin focusing on all of the positive things in my life.

The next morning, upon waking, I was determined to have an amazing day if it killed me! I made myself a latte and then got down to work. I honestly always have so much to do, that I normally never have time to think about being how alone that I am most of the time. (I always forward to my hubby coming home from work daily!) I figured, why not just feel that void with things to do and fill up my mind with God's word, so that's what I set out to do!

I ended up getting so much accomplished and my hubby said he noticed that I seemed in much happier spirits. He always says that he can feel when I am sad. That's when you know someone really knows you deep down. I'm so blessed to have an amazing hubby that I love as my mate and my best friend!

So here's how my day went:

>> Put away dishes
>> Listened to three sermons while I worked
>> Washed & put away 2 loads of laundry (one being sheets)
>> Emailed Jersey Mike's coupon to the hubby's work for his lunch
>> Made the bed
>> Shook out all of the rugs
>> Made Home-made chocolate chips
>> Baked chocolate chip cookies + Chocolate Chip Banana Bread
>> Did some spiritual warfare praying for about an hour
>> Joined around 25 new Blogging Groups
>> Updated my To-Do List
>> Promoted my local Swap & Shop Page
>> Emailed a client some updates
>> Made some lentil veggie soup
>> Had lunch with my hubby
>> Walked outside for an hour
>> Helped hubby with dirt for flower beds
>> Watered all of our newly planted trees & fruit plants

After praying, listening to sermons all day and staying busy, I felt a million times better! This morning, I am listening to another sermon and I also downloaded the First 5 App to my iPhone, so that I can set my alarm and be reminded of scriptures throughout the day. I know that God has amazing plans for my future and that I just need to stay positive and keep praying. I'm so excited for what God has in store for my future!!

What do you do when you have down days?


  1. Awwwww I <3 this. It's amazing what infusing some positivity into our day can do for our minds and bodies, right? You got so much accomplished simply by shifting your perspective--but it requires work! And it's something we have to work todays, a little bit every day. Anyway, longwinded way of saying that I appreciated this post and am glad that your husband noticed this change in you (and that he can tell when you are feeling down... THAT is always the sign of a remarkable partner).

    Found your post in the Blog Loft FB group. Also will start following you now everywhere.

  2. Yes, I agree so much with everything^^ that you said! I'm so happy that you enjoyed this post and I really appreciate you stopping by! :) Hopefully, I will see you over in the FB groups! xxo