My Life Being Renewed: Is it too early for Christmas??

Is it too early for Christmas??

November 7, 2016

Happy Monday y'all!! Don't judge, but I decorated the house in Christmas decor this weekend & wrapped a few Christmas gifts. I LOVE Christmas!!

Personally, for me, the weekend was insanely productive!

>> Cleaned out the garage- now we can park the car inside!
>> Cleaned the yards (trimming trees, throwing out old flower pots)
>> Raked Pine-straw & spread in flower bed
>> Sifted through dirt & moved so that we can get ready to plant remaining crepe myrtle trees
>> Emptied the trash
>> Went to Lowe's to get samples for retaining wall & Publix to pick up some groceries
>> Washed shower curtain
>> Cleaned off deck

>> Gave hubby a haircut
>> Washed & vacuumed the car
>> Burned some old boards
>> Wrapped a few Christmas gifts
>> Unboxed Christmas items & decorated the house. I love Christmas!
>> Ordered a cute jacket (my Christmas gift from the hubby)

>> Created some new social media graphics for my blog/business
>> Sent invites via FB Business pages to increase growth
>> Sent invoices to clients
>> Responded to inquiry for graphic design work
>> Completed a video interview for a virtual job that I applied for (talk about out of my comfort zone- but I'm so proud of myself for doing it!!)

I still can't believe it's November! I will be back with 2016 Goals accomplished + my 2017 Goals next blog post. I love looking back on everything that I have accomplished- my favorite time of year!

Have you planned your 2017 Goals yet?

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