My Life Being Renewed: Never Ending To Do List!

Never Ending To Do List!

February 2, 2016

 via The Every Girl

Honestly, it feels like my entire life consists of one HUGE to-do list. Especially with me running & marketing my own business, my hubby working full time & on top of that-we have a new house that needs several things finished! You will never find me complaining about being bored or lonely!

So the hubby and I were talking the other day and we came up with the idea that we could work on accomplishing 1 thing per day (or more) on the house to do list in order to get things done faster! We have 366 days (1 extra day!!) this year, so here we go!

I am keeping myself accountable and letting you all see what we accomplished the past 2 weeks!

Hubby's to do's is- H and my to do's is- M.

|| Cleaned out fridge - M
|| Painted Toilet Brush Holder - M
|| Painted rusty Hammock - M
|| Puttied deck step boards- M
|| Cleaned behind Fridge - M
|| Deep cleaned all sinks- M
|| Cleaned out 1/2 the garage (baby steps...)- M
|| Organized & threw out computer cords - H
|| Installed speakers- H
|| Cleaned yards (when you have 3 acres it's constant upkeep!) - M
|| Put up new clock- H
|| Installed trim on 3 windows in bedroom- H
|| Mudded areas- H
|| Painted rafters & hardi-board on main side of house- M
|| Put in vents on main side of house -M
|| Cleaned deck railing - M
|| Painted exterior overhangs - M
|| Put Putty in exterior hardi-boards- M
|| Put up new bedroom mirror - H
|| Removed hand-built scaffolding on side of house- H 
|| After returning blinds, ordered 3 more of the higher quality ones- M

Other To-do's:
|| After having my new iPhone 6s for over 4 months, I finally set up my apple pay!
|| Wrote 3 blog posts for the week
|| Brought on a couple of new clients
|| Listened to 2 sermons- last Tuesday
|| Stripped bed & did Laundry, Dishes, Cleaned Floors, Cleaned off DR table
|| Trying to make a habit of making my bed everyday (you guys, I have never made up my bed my entire life!) But it feels so amazing when I do!
|| Cleaned & organized makeup vanity area
|| Researched & Found remaining furniture (will have it in a couple of weeks!)

Today I plan on puttying the deck stair boards & get them ready to sand & paint, sand all 3 overhangs and hopefully paint them this week. Also, the hubby is going to finish taking down the hand-made scaffolding & finish mudding around the hood vent area so we can get that installed this week as well! We are making it a goal to finish painting & building + installing shutters this month. Lots to do, but the only way to get it all done is to do something every day (or several things, in my case!!)

Hope you all have an awesome week!! xoxo


  1. You've done so much so far :O I feel underproductive, thanks for the motivation, haha!

  2. Lulu, thank you! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog! :)

  3. Wow this is so motivating! I just want to clean my whole house now and get lots of blog admin done haha x

  4. Niamh, thank you! I know what you mean! I still have lots to do but it really does feel so much better marking things off my list :)

  5. Oh my, that's a LOONG list! You've accomplished so much already though, keep at it! How do you organise between the two of you what to do? Do you write this list down somewhere in the house and say whose job it is?

  6. Cherry, hi! Yes and we have SO much more to do to complete the house! I keep a list in Asana as well as a written list and put Hubby or my name beside each task and we decide on what goals we will accomplish for the week!

  7. This is a great plan, I can totally relate to the never ending to do list!

  8. Great post!! I need to get my butt in gear :)

  9. Hilariously true for me too. Funny in that slap happy I'm never going to accomplish it all way. At least we aren't alone :) :)

    1. Molly, yes right?! One day I hope to be close enough to where it's no longer construction but smaller things like yard-work, housework, etc. :)

  10. It seems the "to do" list never ends!!

  11. Wow! Can you come to my house for awhile. I feel tired just reading your list. On a more serious note I think this is an amazing idea and it seems to be working well for you. I have a lot of things on my house to do list as well and feel inspired to get going. I will start with digging out agave roots, painting my bathroom cabinet, painting my laundry room, moving plants out of planter I am going to redo, move my bed so I can vacuum under it. How is that for a start?

    1. Linda, sure when I finally get done with mine! lol This is the best way that I've found to not feel entirely overwhelmed with what is left to do on the list. It sounds like an awesome to do list that you have started! Definitely go for it- I have to say it does feel pretty awesome getting those things off the list :)

  12. You have done a great job on your list! I have been using a hybrid bullet journal/planner system to manage my never ending to do list. It's unreal how much I've got to do but I try to focus on my "small victories" rather than getting overwhelmed. Some days, that's easier than others.

    1. Tanya, thank you! I think that is an amazing idea to use a planner system/journal to manage your to do list! I agree with you there- I do have those days where I just want to go crazy from being overwhelmed, but I have to remember what I've accomplished this far and one day, it will be almost finished :) Good luck on your list! :)

  13. Wow!! That's quite the list! Congrats on accomplishing so much! That's actually a great idea to make a huge list and just tackle one thing per day. There are always so many things I forget about - like cleaning closets, purging unused toys of my kids, deep cleaning the fridge, etc. It would be nice to have all this stuff on a list and tackle it when I have free time! Thanks for the inspiration! Found your blog on a FB group and am happy to be following along!

    -Sarah //

    1. Sarah, thanks! I agree, it's crazy what we could all actually add to our list if we really thought about it! lol Glad that you were inspired :)