My Life Being Renewed: Love the Weekend||

Love the Weekend||

January 30, 2016

Hi Lovelies, Happy Saturday!!! 

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The hubby and I wanted to have all of the weekend to work around the house, so Friday afternoon we decided to get our food shopping done early. So we grabbed a bite to eat first and also did some house decor shopping; returned the Mirada blinds that we bought at Home Depot (not a fan) and found some better ones that we are going to purchase online. We hit up Starbucks for a Venti Frap w/coconut milk, triple shot espresso & finally made it to Trader Joe's to stock up since our fridge was empty. I bought tons of raw foods- navel oranges, apples, greens, etc because I plan on incorporating mostly raw foods into my diet. I have been feeling terrible lately with allergies, so I think it is a great idea to do an elimination diet to see what is bothering me.

We also went to Target so that I could pick up some hair coloring & nail polish and I found a cute scarf that was on sale. If you like infinity scarves, it's a great week to go to Target- they were all under $10! I also found some gorgeous drawer knobs at Home Goods & did an amazing Ikea Hack that I will show you in my next blog post!

So far today, I have made breakfast, painted my nails, colored my hair, cleaned the pantry some more, researched blinds, washed the dishes, stripped the bed & put on laundry! I'm sitting here having a cup of Earl Grey and then I plan on taking a lovely walk- it's so pretty & sunny out today!

Have a lovely weekend y'all!!!

xoxo, Melinda


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  2. Interesting post. I enjoyed reading it. Have a great week ahead.

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