My Life Being Renewed: Happy Monday!!

Happy Monday!!

November 2, 2015

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Happy Monday Lovelies!! I haven't blogged in a few days because I got a bit overwhelmed with the not so fun parts of starting a business. Accounting, CRM, Invoicing,etc. I'm happy to say that I was able to accomplish everything last week and it is such a huge weight off my shoulders!

So here is what I got done last week:

|| Business Accounting/Invoicing System set up
|| Business Bank Account set up + Business debit card
|| Ordered a Target Red-card for my Business (5% back!!)
|| Had logo created via Etsy (for invoices)
|| Updated pages for my website (about me, hire me, etc.)
|| Cleaned up Twitter + IG sites
|| Ordered iPhone 6s in rose gold and upgraded memory to 64- will be using phone for business, so I will need more room for apps + accounting, etc.
|| Emailed Amy my VA listing to put on Skill-Space

|| Ordered Suitcase set for our upcoming trip
|| Cleaned upstairs + downstairs fridge
|| Painted more exterior rafters
|| Cleaned downstairs garage
|| Cleaned house interior lights
|| Laundry + dishes
|| Cleaned bedding
|| Made parking reservations for vacation
|| Created a new personal Swap & Shop page to sell things that I don't need- went through & cleaned out closet
|| Hubby put up Door trim & molding in bathroom

Today, I have some client work to do, a new potential client phone appointment & later I plan on taking some more classes online. I also need to call my CPA to ask a few questions and work on some accounting. Fun day ahead! I'm currently making a cappuccino and then getting to work!

What were you able to accomplish over the past week?


  1. Daughter and I are cleaning out our attic. Mostly her stuff paring down and getting organised. Hopefully her boyfriend and her will have their own place in the coming year so this is to help.I always joke when she moves out all her boxes go with her including beanie babies! lol We also need to run to Target getting ready for Christmas... making care packages for the people in Kyle's troop over seas. Have a good week!

  2. Deb, that is awesome! I love de-cluttering, makes me feel so much better :) Can you believe it's almost Christmas? So crazy!