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October 26, 2015

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|| Designed new Facebook + Twitter Header for The Dream Virtual Assistant
|| Made final editing + updates to Workshop Flyers for client
|| Worked 2 hours on client's social media scheduling
|| Worked on Instagram + Twitter to gain more followers
|| Another potential client -meeting next week
|| Afternoon Cappuccino & walk with the hubby


|| Worked in the yards- picking up sticks
|| Helped hubby with painting exterior
|| Finally decided on a CRM + Invoice program that I like
|| Talked to Jen (website designer with about adding some extras to the site!
|| Scheduled posts for my social media

|| Worked in the yards some more
|| Posted things on Swap & Shop
|| Painted more exterior rafters
|| Scheduled more posts for social media
|| 1 load of laundry
|| Cleaned both Garage Doors
|| Bonfire + Beer night

I had such a lovely weekend spending time with the hubby :) I forced myself to step away from work & the computer and focus on helping the hubby around the house and it was such a nice change to get outside since I have been glued to the computer all week. I am actually excited for the upcoming work week- is that weird? I never thought I would be excited for a Monday! That must mean that I am definitely on the right path & following my passion:) Anyway, hope that you all had a lovely weekend!!

What do you like to do on your weekends?

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