My Life Being Renewed: Crazy Good||

Crazy Good||

November 5, 2015

 My dream office via EveryGirl

Hi Lovies! Another crazy good week- busy, busy but getting so much done over here!

This week I:

|| Designed + Ordered new Business cards!
|| Finally got GoDaddy email to be redirected to Gmail- now I have a dot com & it was free!
|| Talked with CPA about Business & what I can write off/Accounting Practices, etc.
|| Had two more new clients this week + 2 more VA Consultations for potential clients
|| Listed my business on every directory that I could find!
|| Completed accounting for the business
|| Booked weekend trip to the Beach! Shopping + Beach + Seafood- yes please!!
|| Signed up to try out Tailwind, after trying Buffer- I love how TW works so far!
|| Finished up a book that I was reading

Last night, I stayed up until 1:30 finishing up some work on a Holiday Guide List for a client- I had two coffees from Starbucks & there was no way that I was going to sleep anyway! It was really nice waking up this morning, only having to work on tweaking it.

Today was a pretty great day- it was the first day that I've actually had extra time to go walking or have any time for myself. Since the business start up part is behind me, I now have extra time to focus on marketing, work + some me time. Tomorrow, I have a couple of projects to work on in the morning, then I will be packing for our weekend trip to the beach!! So that's it pretty much- off to have some dinner + relax!

How has your week treated you?


  1. Not the best week.Always seems when Hubby travels things are just off. In the beginning of the week weather was yucky I find that depressing, two days I had a headache and my cat Hero had a spell on Thursday and isn't bouncing back as fast as usual. Just need my other half so he can balance the negative. Good news he will be home this evening.Also another positive Kai had an interview and is hopefully/excited. I'm a very up beat person but things are just tough when he's away. We have a get together with friends on Saturday and hoping for a laid back Sunday at our house. Enjoy your weekend plans. :)

    1. Deb, sorry to hear that your week didn't go so great :( Yay for him being home now! Keeping my fingers crossed for Kai's interview!! Hope you had a good weekend with your friends :D

  2. My week was pretty good! I got my Kawaii Box in the mail, so I was able to do a blog post on it finally! I've been wondering if I should make business cards. But I have no clue why to make them for my blog. Unless I am missing information on why I should have them? I'm mainly a Lifestyle blogger. I blog about random things, also blog about different product and book reviews. Am I missing out on having them or not?

  3. OH I forgot to mention. I LOVE Your picture. and that gold phone, what is that?

    1. Hi Robin! That sounds amazing! I will have to check out that post :) I actually did have business cards made for my blog via Vistaprint, although I really need to pass them out!! The only reason that I purchased them was so that I could spread the word about my blog.

      Thank you! The photo is via The Every Girl Website- I found it on Pinterest. I believe the gold phone hooks to your iPhone- so that you can still feel like you're using a regular phone :D