My Life Being Renewed: I am Very Busy ||

I am Very Busy ||

October 23, 2015

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Hi lovelies, this has been such a busy week! Still trying to get all of my business going- lots of things to do like logos, CRM, invoicing, etc. I have been staying up late every night- I have been so excited to just get things done! Although lately, I have been so hopped up on Espresso that I have not able to sleep anyway and having passion for the work that I do really helps too!

|| Read up on more social media marketing/tips
|| Worked 2 hours on Pinterest updates for client
|| Signed up for my own Buffer account (since I keep recommending it to my clients, I figured that I might as well use it myself!) Scheduled some social media posts & pins for the weekend- I'm loving it so far!
|| Client appointment Thursday to go over details of project
|| Designed 2 Event Flyers for a Bridal 101 Workshop
|| Signed up another client-she runs a Fashion Blog & she is so amazing- I love her!
|| Completed On-line check in for vacation
|| Sent message to designer about creating a logo for The Dream Virtual Assistant (I could do it, but I just don't have the time right now)
|| Revamped my VA Packages again to be more visually appealing for website/social media
|| Made dinner for the hubby
|| Walked for 30 minutes twice to get some fresh air

Today, I worked on some more graphic design and sent an invoice and worked on increasing Twitter & Instagram following and scheduled some social media posts/images. I also signed up for two free stock photo websites.

This weekend, I need to work on getting a new iPhone + better phone plan- I currently don't get good reception where I live and it makes it difficult when trying to talk to clients. I also need to create some new headers for my Twitter + Facebook pages. And possibly convince the hubby to hang my new office pictures!

I'm going to try to relax this weekend & not work as much but it would be nice to get some things done before I start a new work week on Monday. Hope that you all have a lovely weekend!!

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