My Life Being Renewed: Knowledge is Power ||

Knowledge is Power ||

October 21, 2015

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Hello and Good Morning!! I was able to get quite a bit done yesterday. It was my day to focus on cleaning up my social media accounts and make them more visually appealing to potential clients. Here is what I was able to accomplish:

|| 10 minute photo session for designer to add photos to my new website
|| Emailed a potential client
|| Spent several hours on Pinterest- deleting old pins, re-organizing/re-arranging Pins to be more visually attractive & draw more followers
|| Upgraded to the Business Pinterest & also added Pinterest Widget to my Blog sidebar
|| Took a 30 minute nap to recharge
|| Designed a new header for my Facebook Blog page
|| Signed up for more Entrepreneur Facebook Groups (knowledge is power!)
|| Took Part 1 of a 7 Part Workshop - Get More Dream Clients using Facebook (some great tips!)
|| Put a hold order on Elizabeth Gilbert's new book, Big Magic-Creative Living Beyond Fear- so excited to read!!
|| Installed Latergram on my iPhone to schedule my Instagram Posts
|| Renewed my library books online
|| Made dinner for the hubby & took a 45 minute walk together

Today, I have a full schedule again- I am starting this morning off with some more online courses (Hashtag Traffic Generation, Growing your list of subscribers, Writing great Press Releases). I have a plan to take several courses per day so that I am knowledgeable in more areas and I can reach more potential clients. I also need to follow up with some potentials later and do a load of laundry/dishes. I love having a home office- it's so nice having the freedom to do what I like! I love how peaceful it is here and that helps me be so much more productive in getting things done!

Well, I'm off to work! Hope that you all have a fabulous Wednesday!!


  1. I'm going to read you everyday makes me want to work harder to get things accomplished. Always feel busy but need to do more. Have a great day!

  2. Deb, awesome! So happy that you stopped by and the commenting button is working for you, I see :-) Hope you have a great day as well!