My Life Being Renewed: Energizer Bunny//

Energizer Bunny//

October 19, 2015

Wow, today has been quite the busy day, but in a good way! Amazingly, on only four hours of sleep- I was still able to get lots done! I feel like the energizer bunny- I haven't slowed down even once today!!

|| Started my morning off listening to a Being Boss Podcast
|| Re-vamped my Virtual Assistant Package with updated pricing & details and relisted on all Facebook Groups
|| Shared my new Virtual Assistant Facebook Page with Entrepreneurs + Bosses
|| Spoke with three potential clients today and 1 confirmed for this week- I should start working on her project tomorrow & I'm excited to work with her -she runs a beautiful Wedding Event Company!
|| Started my Mail-chimp List-added potential & existing clients
|| Researched CRM + Invoicing Databases
|| Took a Pinterest Marketing Course
|| Worked with website designer getting everything set up
|| Impromptu photo shoot for the website (with the hubby as photographer)

I have been so excited about getting my Virtual Assistant business up and running that I haven't taken any breaks except for the occasional daily walk- no television or reading books. It's amazing how much you can accomplish when you take away television alone. But I need a break after all of the hard work that I have put in, so I'm off to watch at least one mindless reality show. See you all tomorrow!!

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