My Life Being Renewed: Day 1 of The Carnival Cruise!

Day 1 of The Carnival Cruise!

September 1, 2015

So this is the first day when we boarded the Carnival Conquest- our first time on Carnival and we were so excited! I was definitely impressed with some of their eateries such as the Blue Iguana and Guy's Burgers- definitely nice for a foodie like myself!

 The staff at Guy's Burgers were so friendly- love these guys!

 Blue Iguana had the best burritos and quesadillas!

 Just getting on the ship- the sundeck isn't crowded yet..

 My future home

 The Coast Guard

 The chocolate molten cake was my favorite dessert- oh my so delicious!

 Whipped Tiramisu at the Cooking Class- yum!

 Carnival Chefs