My Life Being Renewed: Life Lately//

Life Lately//

July 6, 2015

Life has been busy- lately, I have been feeling like I have so many things that I want to accomplish and I've decided to just start doing the things that I have been wanting to do. Life doesn't have to be perfect to start going after my dreams- there will never be a more perfect time than now. If I don't start doing the things that I want to do now, I am afraid that I will wake up one day full of regrets and that is my worst nightmare.

 Weekend breakfast for the hubby

 Listening to music-one of my favorite things to do

 I finally broke out the sewing machine & made this tote bag- I haven't sewn since I was a teenager. Guess it's like riding a bike..

 I've been reading a variety of books- growing & learning about success, self-improvement

I free-handed these 2 signs- I used to dabble in calligraphy when I was a teenager - I think they turned out pretty good!

Went to Target & found lots of cute items in the dollar section

 Found some items for my Etsy Shop + home office supplies

Ordered these color blocked sandals that were on sale from AE

Looking forward to this t shirt set that I ordered for me & the hubby!

Over the weekend, I was able to get several things accomplished:
  • I decided upon a new Etsy Shop name & it was approved on Sunday!
  • I ordered a stamp for my Etsy Shop
  • I emailed a couple of Etsy shops inquiring about logos for my shop
  • I researched some great books about business, success in life, self-improvement & have put about 20 books on hold at our local library-I love learning new things!
  • I mended 7 clothing items
  • I finished staining underneath the deck
  • I finished painting the trim & rafters at the front entrance (now I have the other 3 sides left)
  • I cleaned the food  pantry + underneath the bath cabinet
  • Food shopping for the week
  • Hubby hooked up the new dishwasher (last week)-so happy to not have to hand-wash dishes anymore!
  • Finally finished our Estate Planning (I hate doing those type of things where death/separation of me & the hubby is discussed)
  • Hubby working on last bit of siding- another good weekend (without rain) & he will be finished! 
We're also looking at a vacation soon- hopefully, around August or September. Initially, we wanted to go to Europe or Hawaii, but I have been so exhausted lately that I just want something that is already planned- no flights, no hotel booking or worrying about meals and drinks. So I think we have decided to go on a cruise again- that way we don't have to worry about anything. The hubby's birthday is July and our Wedding Anniversary is August- so it will be the perfect time to getaway and relax. By that time, we will be finished painting and have the house pretty much finished.


  1. i love that you made that bag! super cute. have you had the Rhythm kale chips? they are so good!!

  2. Thanks Christina! It was so much fun- I need to find some more pretty fabrics so that I can make more! I have had the Rhythm kale chips- I feel like they are the best brand :-)