My Life Being Renewed: Catching up!

Catching up!

June 28, 2015

 Trying out our new grill!

 Staining underneath the deck//

 Creating for my Etsy Shop//

 Set up a temporary area downstairs for my Etsy Shop Creations

Hubby built another scaffolding area to finish last bit of siding

 Last few veggies from our Organic garden

 Brainstorming goals + future//

Sponsor Flyer that I created for an Alzheimer's Fundraising Event//

 Lots of painting trim, rafters this month

 Yes, I did watch 50 shades of Grey and I liked it- not as intense as I was expecting//

Reading lots of books- learning + growing (have 20 currently on hold at the Library)

The photos pretty much sum up what I have been up to the past month. We went to Atlanta last week for the hubby to take his Final Exam and he did great & made an 80! (and that is without really studying). I have been working on eliminating stress from my life and trying to get back to being healthy and normal. I have been doing so much reflecting on my life and goals and reading lots of books- growing and learning. 

This weekend has been great- on Friday, I was inspired and started cleaning the garage and made myself an area to create. I got out the sewing machine and actually sewed a tote bag and I also created one sign and it just felt so natural- I love creating beautiful things! I also have some vintage goods that I will be listing on Etsy today- I am so excited to open my Etsy Shop again!

That's pretty much what I have been up to. It finally stopped raining, so I am headed back outside to finish staining deck boards.

 Hope that you all are having a lovely weekend!


  1. i love love love the way you decorate!! so pretty and crisp. and natural!! the chalkboard is adorable , love the planter on the table, and the lobster towels are so cute. come decorate my apartment, please!

  2. thanks girlie! you're such a sweetie! I would totally come and help you decorate your apartment! :-)