My Life Being Renewed: Whole 30 Diet//

Whole 30 Diet//

March 21, 2015

Lately, I am still feeling really tired and unhealthy, even with all of the new vitamins, exercising daily and healthy foods that I have been eating, nothing seems to help. I have been doing some research and realized that with my current symptoms, I am most likely having food allergies to gluten and soy. I feel like this is the reason that I am not losing weight and feel tired & puffy all of the time; so I have decided to start the Whole 30 diet- which is similar to the Paleo Diet.  For the next 30 days I will be eliminating all grains, soy, legumes, dairy, sugar and alcohol from my diet. 

I have already found some great recipes and some blogs that I can follow so that I can keep myself accountable + motivated. I am going to need all of the motivation that I can muster, especially with eliminating some of my favorite foods like cheese and wine. But honestly, if it helps me feel better + lose some stubborn lbs, then it will be worth it! 

Tomorrow, I am going food shopping to stock up on gluten-free and whole foods, at this point, I barely have anything to eat in my pantry! I am very excited to start this journey and will hopefully start to feel better within the first week. I will come back here weekly to update my progress and any changes that I see.

Wish me luck!!


  1. Eating healthy can really have an impact on our life sometimes...detox diet sounds great! I hope you feel better afterwards. Maybe your symptoms have something with the change of season? I often feel tired in Spring.

  2. Ivana,
    I would have thought it was just the change of the season, but it's been going on for over 1 year now and I take herbal supplements for my allergies. I believe that it's food allergies- I'm hoping this new eating plan works!