My Life Being Renewed: Reflecting Back//

Reflecting Back//

March 15, 2015

I feel this way constantly//

Hello lovelies, hope that you are all having a great weekend! I have really enjoyed mine so far- got some things accomplished but also took some time out to relax. March is always the busiest & most stressful month of the year because we have our Annual Senior Living Expo + it's my birthday month + the boss's birthday month + Hands and Hearts Hoe Down Event. So yes, lots going on!

We had a great turn-out for our Senior Living Expo this year, it was a little stressful running around making all the little details were in place at first. Even when you delegate some things + organize every little detail, something is always bound to come up. I had been in contact with WALB news about coming out to film our event and Diana assured me that she was putting it on the calendar so I was very excited when they showed up! We had so much positive feedback from all of the vendors as well as the attendees, so a win-win overall! We went to Bacchus Wine Bar to Celebrate and had a great time- I think I was hugging everyone and telling them how much that I loved them. I tend to get really lovey when I drink, oops...

I've been trying to work really hard to get healthy & fit, especially with several events coming up. I have been going to go to the gym daily including Saturdays. I also just started taking some new vitamins- bee pollen, antioxidant, magnesium- so I am curious to see how they benefit me.

This weekend the hubby and I planted a small container garden - yellow squash, zucchini squash, cherry tomatoes, better boy tomatoes, ichiban eggplant, bell-peppers, cucumbers, lavender, basil, parsley and lemon thyme. We have always had a garden every year, so I'm excited to have one this year! It was the perfect weekend to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather and I am indoors 90% of the time so I was happy to be outdoors//

I also made soy candles from all of my old candles,did some laundry, made the hubby some requested beef stew & cleaned around the house while I listened to some Rick Warren sermons. I even made time to tan & read almost an entire book- it was so nice to just sit still and relax, something that is extremely rare for me.

On a completely different note. This evening, I was listening to one of my favorite christian songs-"Abandoned", by Brian & Jenn Johnson while I was typing and I saw the sun setting so beautifully to the left of me and I remembered back to the first of April 2014 when I carried Roscoe up a 24 foot ladder in my arms, so that we could sit atop the second floor of our new home. We sat there, him in my lap watching the beautiful view, the sun was setting and he was so happy soaking up the sunshine. Four days later, he passed away in my, I held him in my lap while I wrote this blog post- I still miss him, his kisses..following me around everywhere I went, but I know that God took him from me, because he has something bigger planned for my life...I never want to waste that.

Whatever reason that God decided to take Roscoe, I want him to use my life for something bigger. Sometimes, I feel guilty because I make mistakes and I get busy and I lose focus on what really matters in life and feel like I am not being a light to others or the best christian like I should be. I am not perfect, I make mistakes, but I do know that I love God with all of my heart and I genuinely love people and want to help others through their hard times and be there for them//

With all of that being said, I want to leave you with some photos of Roscoe, I know that he is in heaven right now with God surrounded by immeasurable love// Honestly, I feel like Roscoe is the lucky one, I wish I were there with God- this earth is just my temporary home and I can't wait to get to heaven to meet God and to see Roscoe again & hug him and give him kisses//

Picnic at Callaway Gardens//

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