My Life Being Renewed: My Birthday Week!!!

My Birthday Week!!!

March 13, 2015

I'm actually over a week late with this post (my birthday was March 2) but better late than never, right?

I had to try the Pampelmousse with grapefruit, gin and elder-flowers- my new favorite!

I've been wanting to go to Front Porch Tally for a while now so my Mother in Law took me there for my birthday brunch- I had the omelette with goat cheese and crab- this place is a foodie's dream!
 I have officially found my new brunch spot// 

I was pleasantly surprised on Monday when these flowers + Birthday balloon showed up!
Via my boss and his lovely wife who also took me out for my birthday lunch to Jonah's & gave me a gift certificate for Sweet Grass Dairy//

These really weren't for my Birthday- but John bought these at Fresh Market & butterflies are my favorite!

My husband bought me a Vita-mix that I have been wanting (I sold my old Vita-mix)

A colleague came by & wished me Happy Birthday + brought me some beautiful flowers//

My boss surprised me with an office birthday party & he even made a 
key-lime pound cake that was the best I've ever had//

Me being my normal shy + awkward self//

My Mother in Law bought me these beautiful earrings + gave me Birthday money, 
which I plan to use to buy some dresses//

Another present from the hubby//

Organic Cabernet, soy candle, iPhone 5 case, Journal (all of my favorite things)

I honestly wasn't in the mood to celebrate my birthday in the beginning, but I ended up having a really great birthday week full of nice little surprises! 

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