My Life Being Renewed: Very Productive Weekend!!

Very Productive Weekend!!

June 1, 2014

Hello all! Hope that you all had a wonderful weekend- I really enjoyed mine and feel like I was able to be fairly productive!

Last week:
//Septic Tank Installed
//Plumbing completed w/tub install
//Electrical completed
//Called for insulation, flooring quotes- set up appointments

This weekend:
//Colored my hair w/henna
//Cleaned the entire apartment
//Niece + her bf came to visit- pizza + movie night
//Went through my closet & gave several bags of clothing + jewelry to my niece
//Applied for Financial Aid for me & the hubby to attend school this Fall (begins August 19)
//Stocked up on wine + cheese and other groceries
//Ordered the hardi-board from Pro-build
//More deck framed out
//Received several flooring quotes-have to make a decision on who to hire
//Ordered more wood floor samples online

I love our the new tub- a little expensive but it's very deep + I love the look of cast iron

Upcoming week:
//Monday-2 insulation contractors appointment to give quote (maybe have insulation installed this week)
//Monday- Gas contractor appointment to give quote (maybe have installed this week)
//Monday- cleaning up more construction debris so Gas line can be installed
//Tuesday- Hardi-board being delivered
//HVAC being installed
//Deck boards completed
//Order hardwood flooring
//Install Garage Doors
//Call for drywall quotes/scheduling

Lately, every weekend has been work, but it will be worth it because soon we will be enjoying our new home. Every time I go to our new home, I get so happy about all of the beautiful nature that we are surrounded with- this evening I even saw a turkey running through the woods, so exciting! 

Right now it is 9:00 p.m. and I am sitting here enjoying a glass of red wine, getting ready to head to bed soon. Time for a new week! Hope that you all enjoyed your weekend!


  1. Wow that's a bust upcoming week!!! I am trying to figure out why your blog doesn't show up on my feed anymore? I need to look into this. I thought you had stopped blogging :)

    1. I have no idea why- that is strange. I haven't changed anything except I had a blog makeover the first of the year. I'm glad you stopped by! :-)

  2. I think I fixed it. I am following via GFC now so you should show up in the future! I've missed your blog!

    1. Keith, I'm so glad to have you back! I've missed your comments :-)

  3. Look at you! So busy!!! And you colored your hair with henna?!! I've never heard of that?! Sweet!!

    1. Hi Cailee- thanks for stopping by! I love using henna because it's organic and it doesn't damage my hair, but it it extremely messy and my hair always smells like herbs for a couple of days :-)

  4. yay! y'all are building a house too! thats exciting :) we built a year and a half ago and LOVED IT! Also, I'm super excited to have found another Jesus lover :) I've already added you to my favorites on bloglovin!