My Life Being Renewed: House Update!

House Update!

May 23, 2014

Time for a house construction update! One of our main issues lately has been trying to get contractor quotes and schedules lined up in order to choose the right person. My husband has been so busy trying to oversee the construction that I decided to jump in & help him by calling contractor's for prices & set up appointments. Apparently it worked (+lots of prayer!) because we finally have some things lined up!!

//Friday- the husband met with a plumber and septic tank contractor today & both gave quotes on the spot- that almost never happens in the construction world!! They both were nice & extremely knowledgeable so we are hiring them to work next week!
//Saturday Morning- Insulation contractor is meeting with the husband to give us a quote.
//Monday- HVAC is being installed
//Tuesday, Wednesday- Electrical Contractor will be back to finish up next week (until the drywall is finished, then he has to finish putting up lights)
//Wednesday- Plumber is going to start and should be done in 1 day.
//Friday ?- Septic Tank being installed
//This week- Deck & stairs finished

[last Friday after I donated blood]

By the first of June, we will be ready for:
//Garage Doors
//Flooring (tile + wood)
//Kitchen & Laundry room cabinets
//Walk- in Closet hardware/shelving

These last few things can actually wait until after we have moved in!
//Interior Doors/hardware
//Exterior Hardi-board
//Paint House
//Plantation Blinds
//Attic Ladder
//Mow & Landscape

Most Excited For:
//Having dinner at an actual dining room table (our DR at our apartment is full of packed boxes)
//Having a walk-in closet for all my clothes + shoes!
//Drinking wine, reading books + writing on our new deck- I love the quietness of the country..
//Having a sauna to detox
//Shopping for House Decor
//Planting a Garden & flowers
//The views of the woods + enjoying beautiful sunsets..I was made to live in the middle of nature..
//Being finished with house construction & finally being able to relax a little and not be so stressed! Use extra time to go back to school + travel and have fun on the weekends.
//Finally- having friends & family over for a House-warming!

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