My Life Being Renewed: Happy Weekend!!

Happy Weekend!!

June 6, 2014

Hi everyone- happy weekend!! 

This week we were able to mark a few things off the list- so exciting!

//Monday-2 insulation contractors appointment to give quote (maybe have insulation installed this week)

//Monday- Gas contractor appointment to give quote (maybe have installed this week)
//Monday- cleaning up more construction debris so Gas line can be installed
//Tuesday- Hardi-board being delivered

//HVAC being installed
//Deck boards completed
//Order hardwood flooring (still deciding)
//Install Garage Doors
//Call for drywall quotes/scheduling

This Weekend: 

+ Paint Rafters
+ Clean Construction Debris
+ Finish Deck
+ Meet with Kitchen Designer Saturday morning- hopefully order our cabinets that day!

For June 9th week:
//Monday- Gas Inspection
//Insulation installed once we get the go ahead from the Gas Inspector
//Drywall installed- takes 3-4 days to complete
//Install Garage Doors

I am trying to enjoy the journey of building our new home, but I have to admit it has been very stressful dealing with contractor schedules and trying to get everything done each week. On the same hand, I am very grateful at how fast our home has gone up and the wonderful contractors that we have been blessed with- during all of this, I have prayed for God to bless us with the best contractors, prices, etc. 

All in all, everything has been going smoothly. The closer that we get to being finished, the more excited I become which does not make for a very restful night (thank goodness for Ashwagandha anti-stress herbs + wine). I cannot believe we only have 5-6 weeks until we officially move into our new home!

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh wow - you've been super duper busy. I'd imagine this is stressful, BUT the end reward shall be amazing :)

  2. Keith, I never realized how much detail goes into building a home and yes I am definitely tired all of the time, but you're right the end result will be so worth it! :-)