My Life Being Renewed: Thank God for the Blessings!

Thank God for the Blessings!

June 16, 2014

Hi lovelies, I hope that you all had an amazing weekend! I was just cleaning the apartment and making myself some Starbucks coffee when I began reflecting back over my weekend. It was not a very good weekend, everything that could possibly go wrong, did go wrong. I even caught myself posting about it on Facebook-subconsciously letting everyone know that my life isn't always champagne & cupcakes (although, to be honest, I kind of wish it were..)- who wouldn't!

 It occurred to me that I have been complaining too much lately and not being thankful for all of the blessings in my life. Yes, life is going to be hard and we all get exhausted and need a break and we go through hard times, but there is always something good to be found. Take Saturday for example, when our vehicle wouldn't start- the good thing was that we stalled at the Stone's Building center so that one of the guys there jumped us off. What if we had broken down on the side of the road with no one around? That would have been so much worse. Another good thing was that we decided to go to Chick Fil A and grab some lunch & drinks before going to Stones- so we had plenty of food and drink while we waited on the tow truck! I can't imagine how tough it would have been to wait over an hour with nothing to eat or drink in a hot vehicle.

So yes, even during the bad times in life, there is always good if we look for it- we just have to look for the positives instead of the negatives. It doesn't mean that my life is perfect or that I will never be heart-broken again & need a shoulder to cry on, it just means that I will have hard times but I will give my problems to God and he will take care of them.

 And now, with all that being said- I am going to work on complaining less and being more thankful. And I am going to start right now by writing a list of things that I am thankful for!

Things that I am Thankful For:
//We will be in our new home in 4 weeks!!
//I love our land & all of the nature surrounding where our new home is- it's so peaceful..
//I am finally living back in my hometown of Thomasville!
//I have met some great new friends here:)
//I have an amazing husband who loves me more than anything:)
//I am thankful that God let us have Roscoe for 15 long years- he gave us so much joy:)
//I am thankful that God allowed Roscoe to take his last breath lying between me & my husband and we were able to say goodbye and tell him it was all going to be okay:) He went peaceful..
//I have a great job & an amazing boss :)
//My husband & I have our health
//We have a new Trader Joes and Whole Foods (I prayed for both of these about 8 years ago when I was still living in Albany- we used to have to drive to Atlanta)

*Edited to add: Also thankful for being finished with cleaning apartment carpet and now sitting down to enjoy The Bachelorette with a glass of wine!

What would you include on your thankful list?

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  1. I think concentrating on the things that we do have to be thankful for makes a HUGE difference in one's life. huge. We don't have control over things that happen to us, but we do have a lot of control over our thoughts and our reactions to what happens to us :)