My Life Being Renewed: Almost There!!

Almost There!!

June 17, 2014

The kitchen contractor emailed us the preview of how our finished kitchen will look- it's perfect!

Drywall has all been hung today- 1st inspection cleared. They may be finished by Thursday.

Yesterday, after I wrote about being more thankful and complaining less- my day today went much smoother. My husband spoke with the U-haul manager about the two flat tires and they gave us the 1 day rental credit back plus another $10 credit to go towards our next rental.  I also received an email for a job position that was perfect for my husband and I used my lunch break to submit his resume.

I can't believe tomorrow is Wednesday already, we have been really busy at work and with house stuff and this week has flown by! Tomorrow we meet with the cabinet contractor to sign the contract and make half the payment up front, then we will be going to Lowe's to buy paint and choose our lighting. It's hard to believe that the house will be painted with lights and cabinets next week! By the first of July, we will be installing sink bases, faucets and choosing our granite.

The one thing that may take longer will be the hardwood and tile floors- once that is done, it is time to move in! If we stay on schedule we could be moved in by July 12th weekend- hopefully, I will have time to start packing and going through everything- the less we move, the better! It would be really perfect to celebrate my husband's birthday (July 20) already living in our new home!

Well, enough about the house- I need to get some rest- tomorrow is another day. I hope that you are all having a wonderful week! 

*This picture below is when we would take Roscoe walking every day around Cherokee Lake and we would all go together to look at the new house construction- Roscoe loved running around in the grassy open area :) 


  1. I didn't realize your husband wasn't working anymore! What happened? Hopefully he'll hear back from this job.


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    2. It was a temporary position that was completed- God has something better in store!