My Life Being Renewed: Another House update

Another House update

June 12, 2014

[I am so excited to read books, drink wine on this deck]

This Weekend: 
+ Paint Rafters
+ Clean Construction Debris
+ Finish Deck
+ Meet with Kitchen Designer Saturday morning- hopefully order our cabinets that day!
+Put up Hardi-board siding

For June 16th week:
//Monday- Gas Inspection
//Insulation installed once we get the go ahead from the Gas Inspector
//Drywall installed- takes 3-4 days to complete
//Paint drywall
//Install Garage Doors
//Order hardwood flooring (still deciding)
//Have Electrician, Plumber, HVAC return to complete everything. (Lights!!)


  1. Once again, loving reading the progress on here!! Have an awesome Thursday :)

  2. Keith, thanks! Hope you have an awesome Thursday as well! :)