My Life Being Renewed: Life is a Whirlwind!

Life is a Whirlwind!

June 23, 2014

Life has been such a whirlwind lately, especially now that we are on a time crunch with our house- we had to give our apartment a 30-day notice so now we are looking at 17-24 days move time. As if I weren't stressed enough already- we are waiting on the drywall to be finished, deck railing, kitchen cabinets, granite, tile floors, lighting and plumbing done before we can move in. This ----->girl is doing some serious praying. I have also been busy packing, going through things- some selling but mostly donating to the Goodwill. I sadly had to cancel my beach day with some girlfriends because I have been so stressed out- right now it's push, push, push until we get moved out and settled. But I know soon it will be worth all of the hard work that we are putting in.

Accomplished this weekend:

// covered up the underground gas tank which took several hours
// cleaned-picked up tree limbs/sticks
// emailed 4 granite places with pdf to get different quotes/time frames
// drove to Tallahassee to pick up 2 ceiling fans & kitchen light
// ordered remaining door hardware
// ordered more wood floor samples
// looked at kitchen appliances
// sorted through more things- donate, sell, and throw away piles

On top of all of that, I actually managed to do laundry, dishes, 1 homemade dinner and some food + wine shopping, so it was a fairly productive weekend!

Planned for this week/weekend:

// buy wall paint + ceiling paint and remaining lights for bath & closet
// paint ceilings & walls
// clean more construction debris
// have electrical contractor come back to finish putting up lights
// organize/pack more
// today- choose & order hardwood flooring

I am exhausted, but thankful for God blessing us all throughout this house-building journey- he has blessed us with amazing contractors and nice weather for the most part. It's been nice to have this to keep us busy and keep our minds occupied on positive things. God is good, all of the time.

Hope that you are all having a great Monday wherever you are!!


  1. We moved into our home in January and I remember those last 30 days were tough -especially since it coincided with holiday vacation. Somehow it all came together - it is wonderful when you have dedicated contractors and good weather. Our contractors were fantastic but the weather was definitely a challenge. Good luck!

    1. We have been blessed with great contractors and the weather has been great lately. It was testy the first month with lots of rain but we worked around it when we could. I think the hardest thing right now for me is trying to sleep at night, thinking about the house keeps me awake! I think most of it is just excitement :-)