My Life Being Renewed: House Update

House Update

April 28, 2014

Hi lovelies- hope that you are all had a wonderful Easter weekend! Sorry that I have been absent from blogging lately- hopefully, you understand with everything that I have been going through since our dog, Roscoe passed on April 5th.

The current house construction has been a welcome distraction lately- I haven't posted anything about the house since April 1st when we carried Roscoe with us to the house- I carried him up with me on the ladder to the top floor and he sat in my lap basking in the sunshine. I remember it just like it was was such a perfect and peaceful day- we were all so happy enjoying the beautiful weather and how far along the house was coming. We talked about how excited we were to all live there and we were happy that Roscoe was better so that he would make it to live in the new house..and he did- he sat right there with me in the middle of the living room and the bedroom.. even after 3 1/2 weeks- it still hurts to write about Roscoe & see his pictures..15 years is a very long time to love someone & then to all of a sudden no longer have them by your side..

We did bring Roscoe to the new house on several occasions, just that previous week- we had brought his bed and water so that he could sit on the ground while we moved dirt back and forth- he was so happy to be there- he enjoyed walking around some, he was always in the middle of whatever Reggie and I were doing- we were a team, a trio..

For the first 2 weeks after Roscoe passed, I was extremely depressed, not eating, nothing could make me happy, not even the house. But finally, last week, I saw a little ray of hope and for the first time I felt a tiny bit of happiness peeking through..

Now every time we visit the house- I know that Roscoe is there with us..I can feel him sitting there, watching us work, like he always loved to do. Sometimes, I even see him in the butterflies.. I know that he will always be with us..he is imprinted on our hearts and in our dreams now..

This is the entrance of the house- the deck & stairs should be finished this week.

Out of about 60 samples- we finally have it narrowed down to six.

Back of house- garage entrance

Remaining List of things to Do (H is for husband which usually includes me helping of course)

Finish Deck & Stairs (this week)
Plumbing (this week)
Electrical (this week)
Hot Water Heater
Attic w/stairs (H)
Install Interior doors & hardware (H)
Put down wood floors (H)
Hardi-board & shutters (H)
Lights & Ceiling Fans
Kitchen & Bath Cabinets
Closet Hardware (H)
Tile (H)
Trim (H)
Paint (H)
Kitchen appliances (H)
Bathroom- sink, toilet, shower & tub

Even after we move in, we will be busy working on landscaping, decorating- but I am excited!

I am guessing maybe 2 more months until we are ready to move in- I have been estimating moving day to be near the end of June- so I hope that I am right! It would be nice to skip paying the July rent and storage! We shall see- until then, I will keep you all updated as the house continues. 

Hope that you are all having a great Monday!!

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