My Life Being Renewed: My Weekend in Photos//

My Weekend in Photos//

March 18, 2014

After yesterday's heavy post, I thought I would share my weekend photos with you- definitely more fun & light! Hope you are all having a fabulous Monday!

Our local Coffee #Grassroots <3

His & Hers boots for the upcoming Hands & Hearts for Horses Hoe-down Event

Now I understand why cowboys need help getting their boots off!

Had wine at Sweet Grass with my boss & his lovely wife, Rhonda

Tiramisu with espresso- amazing!!

I have this obsession with pretty journals + I'm a writer- it's what I love.

We finally made it to church & I really enjoyed it!

Venti Americano w/extra espresso shot + steamed milk- I could drink this stuff all day//


  1. I love all of your photos - you are so fun! PS - loooove the Americano from Starbucks. Favorite!

    1. Thanks Candace! I have to agree with you on the Starbucks Americano- it's pretty stellar :D