My Life Being Renewed: Goals Update

Goals Update

March 19, 2014

Hi Lovelies! I hope that you are all having a fabulous week- I know that I am! (Hopefully, the ladder in the background doesn't give away why I am having such a great week!)

Today, I want to re-visit my goals from January (I'm pretty sure that I skipped February & the beginning of March!).

//Work+Career- All I can say is that I LOVE my job- I have never had a job that loved this much! Most of it is because of the amazing and supportive people that I am blessed to work with and also because I feel like what I do is making a difference in people's lives :) And also the fact that my boss is very kind and compassionate and it's nice to have someone who shares the same values and also likes wine & is a foodie like yours truly :)

//Spiritual- Sunday, we finally went to an actual local church and I really enjoyed the sermon and I am hoping that we will make some new friends as well.

//Self- In my last blog post, I talked about how my job and the people that I work with have really helped me to come out of my shell & be more confident and my anxiety is not as bad as it used to be-this was something that I really prayed about so much because I hate having fears hold me back in life. I have started loving & accepting myself so much more and I notice that I don't worry or care so much about the negative voices anymore. That my friends, is what you call growth!!

//Relationships- I think I mentioned this in another post- but I have made peace with my family. I decided that there was no point on waiting on an apology or for someone to be nice to me first, but that I would take the high road and be kind first. Even though certain ones had really went out of their way to purposely hurt me- I would rather show forgiveness and be kind than to worry about who is right. On the other hand, I am also being wise and not giving my heart to those people who don't wish me the best- I definitely guard my heart and only give it to those who will cherish, respect & love it.

//House Construction- I can't believe that I am about to say this, but we just started house construction- finally!!! Today, to be exact- but who's counting? It took us a while to decide on a builder and house plans (we finally decided on a garage apartment so we won't owe the bank our first-born child!) but the main thing is that we didn't make any rash decisions that we might regret later!

//Fun- I did go to Maclay Gardens for my birthday. And I hope to go to the local Hoedown for a Nonprofit in the next couple of weeks (I get to wear some cow-boots & a cute dress!). But other than that- I have just been enjoying life. Hopefully, we can go to the beach one weekend, but it's going to be hard pulling my husband away since the house is in the beginning stages now.

//Health- I have been doing great with going speed-walking everyday, taking my vitamins, drinking my water. I have lost a couple of lbs- I'm hoping to lose another 5 lbs soon- I have been doing really good so some weight loss is due!

I feel like I did amazing on my goals the last couple of months- I am very proud of myself, but I have to give God the glory because without him, I couldn't do any of it!!

Hope that you all have a great rest of the week- tomorrow is Thursday- almost the weekend!!

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