My Life Being Renewed: Celsius Energy Drink Review

Celsius Energy Drink Review

March 22, 2014

Recently, Celsius  offered to send me a few of their energy drinks to review. I was definitely curious- an energy drink that not only gives you extra energy but also has negative calories- my first thought was, these can't possibly taste good. So I was definitely pleasantly surprised when I tasted them for the first time!

A little Insight from the Website:
Celsius helps you get fit and stay fit. Celsius is your partner whether you walk the dog or workout at the gym. Studies show that drinking a great tasting Celsius before you exercise helps you burn calories, raises metabolism and provides lasting energy to power you through your routine and beyond.* Celsius is way more than an energy drink as studies show Celsius may reduce body fat, increase endurance and provide greater resistance to fatigue (increased energy).* These were the results for participants, who drank a Celsius once a day during the 10-week study. On the days they exercised they consumed their daily Celsius 15 minutes prior to exercise.

I have to say that my favorite flavor was the Sparkling orange- to me this tasted so much like an Orange Crush- remember those? It was nice to know that there are natural & low-calorie energy drinks that don't have all of the unwanted weird ingredients or high calories to worry about.

Green Tea Extract
Celsius uses a special Green Tea extract that contains a specific ratio of EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) -- the compound that scientists have found boosts your metabolism, allowing you to effectively burn more calories and store less fat.

Guarana Seed Extract

Found in the Amazon rainforest, guarana provides a natural source of caffeine. Unlike most guarana drinks, Celsius uses the seeds (instead of the roots) which contain over twice the amount of caffeine than the average coffee bean.

Ginger Root

In addition to that wonderful spicy flavor, ginger root aids the process of thermogenesis, and creates positive effects on both the nervous and digestive systems.

Vitamins and Minerals

Celsius also contains 100% of the daily value of several vitamins and minerals. B-Vitamins are not only essential for metabolism and energy production, they also help support your adrenal glands, which aid in recovering from fatigue. Vitamin C supports your immune system and Biotin assists in breaking down fats and protein. Chromium helps control hunger by normalizing healthy blood sugar levels.
I love all of the success stories on their website. One person lost 37 lbs in 14 weeks! I need to lose about 10 lbs, so I'm definitely going to be buying this at my local vitamin store! For those of you that are interested- you can find these at your local Publix, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe or buy online at Amazon.

Do you use any type of caffeine or energy drinks when you have low-energy?

*The Celsius Energy Drinks were sent to me to review free of charge, however I was not paid any money to do this product review. Any products that I review are of my own personal opinion and experience with said product.

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