My Life Being Renewed: Blog Swap #ImFitPossible

Blog Swap #ImFitPossible

March 25, 2014

Hi there blog lovers! I’m Allison and like to share recipes and DIYs/crafts and allofthelinks from the interwebz that make me smile and chat about TV (Scandal! HIMYM! Hart of Dixie! Criminal Minds! (and more) or my recent binge watching of Friday Night Lights!), sports (lacrosse and baseball), my always present and always changing crushes, and post an obscene amount of pics of tulips and coffee on my blog …by allison on twitter and instagram. Come join the party!

I have been working from home for about 18 months and let me tell you, the snacking monster is much worse at home than it ever was when I worked in an office. And I love snacking. Melinda asked me to share some of my ideas for healthy snacks with you when you’re looking forward to an alternative to another handful of cereal (and by cereal I mean chocolate chips).

  I always have goods on hand to make smoothies – maybe not the best option if you’re in an office, but a great idea for stay-at-home Moms and Dads, those who work from home, or students. My recent favorite is milk + banana (fresh or frozen) + frozen strawberries or cherries + cacao powder. Also love coconut milk + frozen pineapple + frozen banana.

Fresh fruit. Hello spring; I've been waiting for you! With spring and summer comes reasonably prices pints of fresh berries. You see, my favorite snacks are those I can pick at, so berries, cherries, or grapes are perfect for morning snacks.

More beverages – water with lemon or hot/iced coffee or tea. Let’s face it, sometimes you’re bored or the snack craving is really just a need for hydration. I have water on my desk through the afternoon but will never say no to a second cup of coffee if I’m feeling sluggish.
Single serving bags of popcorn. But, a warning, get ready for your coworkers to hate you or be insanely jealous. I love popcorn but hated when my coworkers made it; all the cubicles by the kitchen smell like popcorn for hours.

When you’re really craving something sweet, what about chocolate covered banana bites? Sure it’s my “recipe” but they’re a perfect pick me up on a hot summer afternoon.

And then of course some days just call for cookies! I made these peaches and cream cookies with fresh Ontario peaches last summer and they are amazing (and fruit = healthy!!).

I always have some kind of cheese on hand – healthy fats and a dose of protein for that afternoon slump. My favorite is extra old white cheddar or Swiss babybelOther savory snacks? Try hard boiled eggs – I make up a half dozen on the weekends. Or avocado mashed on grainy toast/crackers.

A few things I don’t love but you may: veggies and hummus (yah, I’m the only person on the planet who thinks hummus is gross and keep the veggies to lunch or dinner). Chickpeas your thing? Try them roasted. A scoop of nut butter (oh that’s right, I’m also the only person who doesn’t like peanut butter) can do the trick.  

I love, love, love lemon Greek yogurt and fresh raspberries! So excited they are both on sale this week at my local grocery store.

And sometimes, a small handful of chocolate chips are exactly what you need.

Happy snacking! What are your favorite things to munch on?

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