My Life Being Renewed: 25 Things you didn't know about me...

25 Things you didn't know about me...

November 11, 2013

25 Things You didn't Know about me..

I actually had 50 things before I decided to edit the list- I don't want to be an open to leave some things to the imagination, right?

//When I was 17, I worked as a Visiting Nurse, which turned out to be a much too intense job for me at the time. I found out at an early age that I take on others pain & sadness as my own & it tends to overwhelm me
//I also worked with Mental Health Patients and Vocational Rehab and as a Medical Center Rep. in the Oncology Department. For some reason, I have always worked in the medical field.
//A couple of years ago, I had a booth at an Antique Shop called Toscogas- it was a really great experience for me to live out my artistic/creative side.
//When I was 19, I invented several things- nail strips, a dog seat belt, a three prong curling iron- I mailed them to some invention place and never heard back, but later they were all invented. I still have the drawings.  I would be a millionaire by now, if I had patented them correctly, but I was just a kid.
//I am extremely sensitive and get my feelings hurt easily- I am more fragile than I appear. I do not like being picked on or embarrassed- that is the fastest way to lose me as a friend.
//I hate when I am talking to someone and they ignore me/text on their smart phone. If someone does that, I will walk away- I consider my time very valuable.
//I have very strong discipline & am very self-controlled. I don't fly off the handle or do rash things- I think about the outcome & consequences before reacting.
//Sometimes, there are so many ideas & thoughts in my head, I feel like I don't have enough room to hold them all! I have so many ideas, I think ALOT. I am a big dreamer..
//I hate sharing my deep feelings with people- I only share with God and my husband, that's it. I don't trust many people at all, so if I open up to you in the least, you should definitely feel honored..
//I am also extremely compassionate & cannot bear to see anyone suffering- animal or people. Yes I am THAT girl who will save the squirrel in the middle of the road (I have done it before)- I have been known to bring hurt animals to the DNR and report abusive animal owners. Animals can't speak for themselves, so we have to be their voice.I am a huge animal lover & rescued 3 dogs that were going to be euthanized unless I saved them -so my husband agreed to drive me 3 hours to rescue them- they were so happy..we later adopted them out to good homes. I also used to be a member of PETA until they went too extreme. I became really extreme & it consumed my life- I would email my friends & families daily (several times a day) of animals that needed rescuing, and all of the petitions to sign to save the animals from being tortured for fur, food, etc. People got annoyed with me because of it, I am just extremely compassionate- I am an all or nothing type person.//The first time I saw how animals were kept in slaughterhouses with no fresh air & slaughtered inhumanely, I started crying & convinced the husband to go vegetarian with me. He did for several years, then I felt bad and now he eats only organic, free range meats.
//As cliche as it may sound, my husband really IS my best friend, when all of my friends & family abandoned me, he (& GOD) was the only one there for me to encourage me & help me through things.
//It is impossible for me to be on a budget- I HATE it!! Although, I love when I find items on sale.
//I am a prayer warrior- there is nothing that I don't believe that GOD can do!! I don't think that anything is impossible with God! //I have had God give me several visions in my life that have come to past- I am a HUGE believer in the power of dreams. Remember Daniel in the Bible? God gave him many visions! I could tell you about several visions God has given me that has come to past- but I will save that for another post.
//I believe that a cup of coffee/tea & a good book makes any day better...
//I am a person that sticks by my morals & beliefs and regardless if someone dislikes me for it, I refuse to change. I don't believe that we should change just so people will like us more. I like being different- it's what makes me who I am.
// I am a very good judge of character- within minutes, I can figure out what someone is all about. Unless they are extremely hard to yours truly...
//I can be picky & occasionally high maintenance..but I'm worth it..
//When I was younger, I was such a nerd. Proof: I was a member of the Book club, fastest reader in school, Advanced English and Algebra classes, choir, knitting, bird watching, soccer. No wonder I didn't have a boyfriend!!
//I had a guy serenade me once (while I had a boyfriend)..
//I have been a victim of bullying & verbal abuse. I've been told it's because I am TOO nice of a person...but I refuse to change who I am..
//I hate crowds and big parties- I prefer to socialize with small groups of people. I hate lots of noise and when everyone speaks at once.//I am a homebody, I would rather get takeout, movies and just chill out than go out to eat at a fancy restaurant.
//I am a very creative & visual person, I love beautiful things-which is why I love photography!
//I love music- I live by it, by the lyrics, the sound..I couldn't live without's my way of showing how I feel without having to say it...
//I am the favorite Aunt who will jump on the trampoline, have camping nights, have fashion shows, dress up parties, tea parties- I am a big kid at heart!
//I have been told that I have bedroom eyes..whatever that means..

So that wasn't too painful... What are 25 things about yourself that you find interesting?

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