My Life Being Renewed: Life is Good...

Life is Good...

November 16, 2013

So much has been going on this week, I am not sure where to begin!!

//House Stuff

----> We met with two different contractors for quotes on putting in our foundation and framing- we should hear back next week sometime.
---> Our well should (and I say that loosely) be installed by Wednesday- it was supposed to be installed on Friday, but we all know how that goes.
---> I called our Apartment Leasing Office to find out if they offered month to month or an extended lease, which they do, from $50-$100 additional so I am happy about that!! (I do NOT want to move twice!!)
---> We went to Lowe's today and looked washer/dryer sets, options for cabinets, quartz/granite, windows, doors until my head hurt! So many details!!
---> I talked with the Insurance company & they should have a quote for us on Monday, for Builder's Risk & Liability before we start the house construction.

//Fun Stuff

{If you are new to the blog- I am the second one from the right with the "P" Christmas ornament & Alexa, my friend from work, is to the left of me with the adorable snowman!}

{I plan on making a trip back to this little town just to go shopping- they have the cutest things!!}

---> A few weeks ago, my friend & co-worker, Alexa, invited me to go to this Art place by the name of "The Rusty Bucket" about 15 minutes from where we live- in the cutest little town! I had so much fun, I met some new girls that were so nice and it was so much fun to live out my artsy side-  I am so ecstatic with the way it turned out!! I showed my husband and he LOVED it!!
---> My new boots came in from JustFab- I love them- I am wearing them with everything!!
--> I bought a few Christmas gifts on Friday- I can't believe we only have 5 1/2 weeks until Christmas!!

// Health Stuff 
---> I did a 5-day juice fast this week- which included green juice, low-sodium tomato juice, broths, water, etc. I lost about 5 lbs, but most importantly, I felt so much better! I had more energy and I noticed my thinking was clearer and I felt much more motivated about everything. I even started waking up earlier in the mornings to enjoy my days- which is SO unlike me, I love my sleep! It's something that I want to start doing more of- not every week though- I really missed my wine & cheese nights!!
--> I didn't get to go walking much this week- mostly because of having to meet with contractors and building suppliers- I am going to try to fit in more exercise more next week.

//Emotional Stuff
--> I hate to say this, but most of my life- even at my prettiest & thinnest, I have never really learned to love myself for who I am. Lately, I have begun learning to love myself- the little quirks, imperfections and all- after all, isn't that what makes us beautiful? Those characteristics that are different from others and a loving & compassionate heart- that is what is beautiful..

//Work Stuff
---> I had emailed my boss a list of ideas for our Senior Health Expo for 2014 and his wife emailed me the sweetest message saying how much they appreciated & loved me- it totally made my day! It is one of the best feelings to be appreciated for hard work- more and more I see that God has placed me in this job for a reason{s}!

It has been a really great week- I am feeling so blessed with my job, friends, our dog, Roscoe being healed- life is amazing!!

What is something that you feeling blessed or are thankful for?

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