My Life Being Renewed: Choose Joy..

Choose Joy..

October 16, 2013

I love this quote and I try to LIVE it- everyday, no matter what is going on, I choose joy over my circumstances. It's been a rough year for the hubby & I with our dog, Roscoe being paralyzed and having to deal with some not so nice people-but after lots of prayers, faith and tears, things are starting to look brighter!

Lots of changes have been happening lately!

//Roscoe is walking so much more- if he keeps this up, he will be completely healed & be able to go on walks without me carrying him!!

//Hubby is finally finished with the house plan details & we will be submitting to building inspection this week, once our builder gives us the okay.

//We are going to meet with the builder at his home this afternoon- I am excited but also a little scared of the price quote- but like everything else, I am saying a prayer for it to all work out.

//My MIL has a new beau- we are meeting him this week- I am nervous about it- I know that no one can fill my FIL shoes. But I do miss having a Father-figure, I hope he is really nice..

I will post an update after we find out about the builder & my MIL new beau!!

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