My Life Being Renewed: Light at the End of the Tunnel..

Light at the End of the Tunnel..

October 18, 2013

Hi Lovelies.. I'm so excited that it's Friday!! My weekend plans really aren't that exciting- just an overdue haircut & some fall shopping.

I hope you guys are not getting tired of hearing about this House stuff, because it's about to be my entire life really soon! We met with the builder and he was really nice- he said the plans look really nice & he will have a quote ready for us in a couple of weeks. I really wasn't prepared for all of the details and was a little overwhelmed to say the least. But I left his office excited to get started. Today we will be submitting the House plans to Building Inspection.

Once everything is approved, we can have the temporary pole & well installed and then things will really start. To be honest, I am a visual person, so I need to see the foundation & some walls to actually believe we are building a house!! I have been on Pinterest pinning away everything from countertops to fixtures- designing a new home is so much work, but in a good way!

On an entirely different subject, we met my MIL new beau, John yesterday for lunch downtown. He is so nice and we have so much in common- he is a retired English Professor, which happens to be my favorite subject! And he is very creative- he has some of his Artwork displayed in a gallery & He also plays guitar. He & the hubby seemed to really hit it off- they were chatting away like they had known each other forever- that made me so happy. I miss my Dad & my FIL and no one can ever fill their shoes- but if I am being honest- I really miss having a Father Figure in my life- it was definitely a breath of fresh air.

Lately, it seems like I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel- it's been a rough year for us with Roscoe being paralyzed- but he is getting better every day! Yesterday, the hubby took him for a walk and he even walked on the concrete- his little paws are starting to come uncurled and now they are more straight like they are supposed to be. But I will save that for another day- it truly deserves it's own blog post.

One thing that I have learned in the last couple of years, is that even when things look the darkest and they may look hopeless, keep praying and believing, if you do that- I promise, things will start looking up...Right now, I am so excited for our future, my life is being renewed!!

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