My Life Being Renewed: Keeping it Light!

Keeping it Light!

July 13, 2013

{If you click on the picture, you can see my highlights better}

Hi guys and gals! Today I am keeping it light. I want to talk about hair- I finally broke down and got highlights, but I asked the stylist to keep it basically my natural color but add minimal highlights- I think they turned out great! But I'm trying to figure out does my hair look better curly or straight? I know which one I like better, but what do you all think?


  1. Hey Melinda! You're looking gorgeous girl!
    The straight style 'brings out' the highlights more! Thats my opinion!:)

  2. Thanks girl!! I like Straight better too- plus it's SO much easier & faster getting ready in the mornings! :)

  3. pretty both of them...and you have a gorgeous smile!

  4. I love the straight hair more, which is a bit strange for me as I am normally a curly-haired fan :)
    you look amazing, that necklace is gorgeous!!!


    1. Thanks Kirsty! I think I like the straight better too, not to mention lower maintenance hehe