My Life Being Renewed: A more Positive Outllook!!

A more Positive Outllook!!

July 16, 2013

Happy Tuesday ya'll!! Just thought I would do a quick post on my lunch break to give you an update on everything. Things are the same with Roscoe but after crying and being sad all day on Monday, I decided that I need to have a more upbeat and positive outlook on things, I am not giving up hope!! I have seen prayer work too many times to be doubtful!

Today, we are going by Lowes to buy some supplies to build a wall around our bed so that Roscoe can sleep there in the daytime and that way we won't have to worry about him rolling off the bed- he hates staying in the bathroom and that is actually an understatement. I am thinking we may do a built in water bowl too since he can't walk. This morning I noticed how peaceful and happy he was sleeping on the bed and that is how we came to the decision- we are doing everything in our power to make everything as comfortable as we can for Roscoe.

Other than that, the hubby is finishing up the electrical plan for the new house- so we should be able to have the meter base installed this week or at least have an appointment set up and then we can have the well installed next. And then hopefully we can get started on the foundation, which is what I am most excited about!

I have to cut this short because I am on lunch, but I will have a longer post next time. Hope you are all having a fabulous week!!


  1. I will definitely keep Roscoe in my thoughts and prayers! Stay hopeful Melinda:)!

  2. Thanks Rita!! I really appreciate the prayers:) I am holding on to the faith honey!!

  3. Melinda! Thanks for your positivity! It cannot be easy for you, with Roscoe not being well!! May God bless you!

  4. May, it definitely is easy to get discouraged-especially after several months, but I just thank God that he has allowed us to have Roscoe, even if he can't do anything for himself. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right? :-)

  5. Your pic is lovely and I love your writing - keep it up girl! :)