My Life Being Renewed: Dreams to Reality!!

Dreams to Reality!!

June 23, 2013

Well, we finally did it- our house is officially SOLD!!!  Friday we met for the house closing and the new buyer was so excited, she literally had her vehicle packed with things- ready to move in. She was a really nice single Mom so it seemed like such a perfect fit- I am just so relieved to have one more thing off our plate- it was not easy maintaining another house for 2 years while we lived 1 hour away- owning a home is alot of maintenance! On Saturday, we finalized moving our bank account over to our new bank in Thomasville- it is so nice having everything in one place now- no more driving back and forth- I don't want to even talk about how much money we have spent on gas the past few months..

So, now we can move on to the next chapter of our lives which is building our dream home! We have already ordered our new home plans- my husband found this amazing Southern Living Home Plan and he has been working on it so we can have it ready for bidding for different contractors- it is also a blessing that he comes from a Engineering background, so he knows about all of the permits, codes, etc. Personally, I am most excited for finally having a walk in closet and also an open floor plan- in our other house, I was always in the kitchen cooking while everyone was in the living room hanging out, so it will be awesome to be able cook and socialize.

Next week, we should have our underground power pole and well installed, then we will be ready to start the foundation- it all seems so surreal!!

I should back up and tell you the story of what happened about two months before we had a bite on the house...I had a dream that my husbands father who passed away over two years ago, came down from heaven, in the dream he came over and hugged my husband and I tight and told us how much he loved us and was proud of us. In the dream he had plans for us to do something fun as a family that day, and my husband and I told him that we couldn't go because we had to go and mow the grass at our old house because we needed it to look good for the buyers. This was the part of the dream that stood out to me..he looked at us and said, "You don't need to worry about mowing the grass at the old house anymore, let's go and have fun today." Essentially, he was telling us that we would have to worry about it no more..when I woke up, I knew that the dream was from God and I knew exactly what it meant- our house was going to sell and we wouldn't have to continue the upkeep on it. I told at least half a dozen people about the dream and I told them that our house would be selling soon, that I knew it, God had showed me. There was no way that I was letting go of that dream- for the entire two months, I held onto it and kept repeating it and claiming what God had showed me. Sure enough 8 weeks or so later, we get a call (the same day that we mowed the grass at the old house for the LAST time and I called the realtor to put more flyers in the box) back from our realtor about a lady that is interested in our house. She has three houses in mind, but really likes ours- in the end she decides that she wants to make an offer on our house and from that point forward everything fell right into place.

Talk about a Faith builder!! This is not the first time that God has given me dreams- he also gave me a dream about our land and that me and some family were standing there looking at house plans and it is coming to past!! These are two things that I prayed and fasted for years ago and they are just now coming to fruition- it is just so amazing to watch. And those are only a couple of things- I have had several more things come to fruition that I prayed for years ago. So, I want to encourage you that if you have something that you are praying for, never stop praying or believing that God can make it happen!!

What have you been praying for that you want to see come to fruition?


  1. Melinda! This is exactly what the sermon in church was about today- Dreaming Big! B.t.w I also pay special attention to dreams! I am so happy that things are going well for you!

  2. That is so neat! Thank you for saying that- it took me hitting the bottom and God lifted me up and put me in a great place! I am so thankful for that :)

  3. So happy for your Melinda! What a dream that was:)))! God always finds a way of answering your prayers!

    1. Thanks Rita! You are so right- God does always find a way to answer our prayers- I am still surprised by it all- such a faith builder for me!