My Life Being Renewed: Everything at Once!

Everything at Once!

May 19, 2013

Honestly, I am so overwhelmed with life right now- both with sad things but mostly blessings. Since the first of this year- things have changed in our life so much...

1. Roscoe not being able to walk on his own- until you have had to literally hand feed, hold your dog up so he can go to the bathroom, get up with him almost every 1-2 hours of the night to give him water or take him to the bathroom or just love on him and hold him every second or he cries because he feels helpless, no one can realize how difficult life is with a sick pet- it's been heartbreaking because the DM is incurable- we took him to the Vet and the Dr. ran bloodwork on him and he is healthy, she said the only thing we can do is give him a great life and love him as much as we can. She discussed making arrangements for him-it took everything in me to keep from crying. Life has been extremely rough the past couple of months and I can't imagine our lives without Roscoe. I am still praying for a miracle- I will never give up hope on my little munchkin. God is able to make him walk again!

(At a small produce market down the road from us)

2. Our new jobs!! I am still so happy about the husband and I both getting great jobs and working right in downtown Thomasville- it's been amazing and I am excited for what our future holds!!
(After my 3 month probation, I did receive a small raise- so that was nice!)

3. Clearing our Land- The past couple of weeks we have hired a crew to come out and clear our land and we are pre-measuring for our future home. It's been really exciting to see the progress! I will have to post more pictures soon.

4. And the best news of all- our house is currently SALE PENDING!!!! We finally signed the contract on Thursday of this past week after much negotiating. We are extremely excited to move on with the next chapter of our lives (there is a story behind the House & a dream that I had about it that I will have to share with you on another blog post)

5. This is really not big news- but I did finally get the iPhone 5 that I wanted- unfortunately, I haven't had time to play on it with Roscoe being sick- I really haven't had the desire too or the time lately. I do really like it so far though, it's very easy to work and I love the features.

6. The husband and I also mended the relationship with his Mom and it's been almost 7 months now of  things being renewed between everyone. He also repaired the relationship with his sister which was more of them not seeing each other over 1.5 years and neither reaching out to call one another- sometimes, it just takes one person reaching out and things change. I convinced them to come to Thomasville for lunch and from there, I watched the two of them chat away like nothing ever happened. I am so happy because I am a person who hates conflict- I just like for everyone to get along.

7. And I can't forget to mention the fact that we will be having a Trader Joes and a Whole Foods this summer- I am extremely excited for this! I prayed for one or the other about 5-6 years ago, and I still can't believe we are getting both!!

So much has happened this year, mostly for the good and I am extremely excited for our future from here. The most exciting thing right now is our House closing, which will be 30-45 days, once it closes- we will start building our new home!!! But for right now, we will be putting up a power pole, installing a well and a septic tank so that we will be ready to start-I am excited to share this new chapter of our lives with you all!

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