My Life Being Renewed: Why I have been absent from Blogging...

Why I have been absent from Blogging...

May 1, 2013

He looks so thrown away here,but look at that cute little face :)

Sorry, this post took so long for me to write- but I have been extremely exhausted lately- we just found out this past month that our dog has what we believe to be Degenerative Myleopathy- it's pretty much like MS in dogs. Roscoe is having trouble walking at all- his paws stay curled under and he falls 95% of the time he walks. We have to keep him in a carpeted room with pillows surrounding him while we go to work and my sister checks on him three times during the day. It's been really devastating for the husband and I and we have dedicated every minute of our time to helping him get better. All of our time goes to Roscoe now and it shows with my dark eye circles and weight loss- I am trying to manage things better now so that I take care of myself as well as I am typing this- I am exhausted from last night- Roscoe woke us up so many times- I feel like this is what it's like to have a newborn that doesn't sleep much..working a full time job plus taking care of Roscoe is taking a toll on me..

The husband and I take Roscoe walking daily so he can get outside- I made a carry pouch that I wear since he can't walk on his own- he enjoys getting out of the house and seeing the squirrels and rabbits run around in nature. I also just ordered him some organic, raw vitamins (and some for me as well) and he just started taking those along with coconut oil, molasses and whatever else that I read about that claims to heal DM. I took him completely off of dogfood (even organic), I heard that too many grains can make DM worse so now I cook him brown rice and meat with carrots and broccoli which he seems to love. I spend every minute with him as soon as I walk in the door from work- I massage his little paws daily and love on him every second that I am with him.

I am praying that God will allow us to hold on to him for a little longer..everyone keeps saying that we've had him for 14 years, for some reason people like to think that explains why it's his time to go, and that I should accept it, but I can't and I won't accept that. It doesn't matter how long that we've had him with us, we never want to let him go. Roscoe is our life, our wonderful little child- we have had him since he was a tiny puppy and we have all been inseparable every since..Roscoe has on road trips with us, we take him to get froyo and when we go to Chick-Fil-A we always order him his own chicken nuggets. We treat him just as we would if we had a child and it's been that way since day one..

When I found out that he was getting sick- the entire first week back at work- I could not stop crying every time I thought about losing Roscoe. He's been a best friend, a nap time buddy, our little shadow..the husband and I both started crying the first night that he couldn't even go to the bathroom on his own and fell down..we instantly knew something was not right.

All I know is, no matter what age Roscoe is or how long we have been blessed with him- GOD knows the desires of our hearts- and I know that the husband and my hearts desires to keep Roscoe with us always- we love him deeply and can't imagine a life without our little buddy. The house would be way too quiet- we would miss his demanding bark that he does when he wants something- it's his way of telling us that he wants either food, water, a doggie treat, to use the restroom or wants to go to bed- it's so endearing and cute..even though it's exhausting. But that's what you do when you love someone right?

I know this has been a long post and believe it or not, I actually cut it short- there is so much more that I wanted to say, but just don't have the time. I would love to hear your perspective on it- have you ever had a handicapped dog or know someone who has gone through the same thing? For now, I am taking it day by day and praying as always..I have to go to work now, so I will wrap this up. I will be back soon, hopefully with better news next time!


  1. My sincerest thoughts and prayers are with Roscoe...

  2. Welcome back, sorry I can't understand anything you say cause I'm French but funny photo, and cute dog :)

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about Roscoe! These dogs truly become part of our family and it's so hard to see them suffer. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys. Take care Melinda....